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Submission + - The U.S. plan to bomb Pagan Island, the worst place ever (

dcblogs writes: The U.S. is being sued over its plan to take one of the Pacific's most beautiful places, Pagan Island, and turn into a training facility and bombing range for the U.S. military. “Families who formerly resided on Pagan would be forever banished from returning to their home island, which would be turned into a militarized wasteland,” according to the lawsuit filed by lawsuit filed by Earthjustice, which is representing some the groups in the Northern Mariana Islands fighting this action. The 18-square-mile island, which is part Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and a U.S. territory, is about about the size of Hartford, Conn. It is a volcanic island, shaped by magma and violent explosions. There are large rock outcrops, cliffs, King Kong Island-type vistas, relatively high elevations and plateaus. The island was evacuated in 1981 because of volcanic activity, but a handful of people have taken up residence. The government's proposal is reminiscent of the takeover of Bikini Atoll in 1946, which was used for nuclear testing. The U.S. Environmental Impact Statement suggest that the government has made plans to protect the native’s island wildlife. For instance, consider the protections for the fruit bat. “The proposed 0.5- mile (0.8-kilometer) buffer zone around each (Fruit Bat) colony will significantly reduce the potential for aircraft strikes of fruit bats.” [Emphasis added]

Comment Re:I tried e-ciggs to quit (Score 1) 312

I like how I got modded down for telling my own personal experience with e-ciggs.

Do people now have to provide a note from their doctor to be believed on the internet? I get that trolls are a problem, but it's insulting that a slashdot user for more than 10 years gets meta-moderated down for a comment involving personal experience.

Hell I even have to wonder now if those doing the moderating aren't socks suppressing information that is inconvenient to them. I haven't done studies, or research, nor do I know anything about eciggs other than what I stated: I tried one for a few months and yes, my lungs hurt and I coughed blood.

I had the same problem when I tried switching to smoking a pipe (not the blood, but it did make my chest hurt more). Am I now anti pipe for stating that experience?

Submission + - Injectable nanomaterial developed for direct cell stimulation (

SkyLeach writes: is running a story on a new nanomaterial that breaks down in the body after a few months, but until then it chemically binds to the cell walls of target cells and can then generate direct electrical current based on IR light stimulation. In essence, it can simulate neural impulses using IR lasers on a per-cell basis without invasive surgery.

The possible applications for this are just limitless.

Comment The real issue is... (Score 1) 470

The statistics used to say that GMO foods will not create a problem. They are heavily flawed and in serous need of a bit of applied chaos math with genetic outcome variations. The 'safe margin' used in the generation of mutation included no viral strains present in the habitats where the foods are raised. Scientists have definitely not finished mapping the proteins responsible for cell behavior when a cell is presented with infection. This means that we HAVE NO IDEA what viruses may or may not arise from infection of a GMO used for farming. Absolutely NO IDEA. Never modeled or studied.

Genomics isn't a simple statistic of probability of mutation. Millions of organisms interact with each other in every ecology, and only weak statistical probabilities based on weak environmental observations are enough for the 'intellectual elite' to declare us safe?

That's not science, that's gambling in an establishment known for cheating.

Comment Again, this has to be addressed with legislation (Score 1) 254

Paramount is attempting to write law using the threat of big-money legal harassment as their police force. Many corporations do this.

The issue here is that Paramount isn't a lawyer, and their grip on a cultural meme doesn't expire. It's a money game where cultural evolution is dictated by intellectual property rights that are unsupportable for society itself.

It has been over 50 years since star trek became a part of our culture. It has been propagating through two generations of humanity. The right to communicate with shared cultural meme cannot be 'owned' as intellectual property in perpetuity, or like the airwaves soon every shared idea will be owned by someone. There must be limits.

Comment Someone help me to understand... (Score 1) 30

The cost of these supercomputers is astronomical, so why the petaflops?
As I understand it the benefit of a supercomputer is BUS speed (getting data between the CPU caches quickly) for massively parallel computing tasks. What I don't understand is why there are so few hybrids using parallel GPU processing (2x512x8/16/32GB) to achieve the same tasks, even for weather applications. It seems to me that processing blocks could be exchanged over fiber sufficiently for real time applications, but I may not fully understand the problem?

As I understand it the supercomputers have separate dedicated channels for types of memory exchanges for large matrices that get updated by all the processors, but block updates aren't read anywhere near as quickly as the chunks being worked on. It seems that the delay wouldn't make much difference overall, but I don't claim to be an expert on it.

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