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Comment Re:visiting a blocked URL? (Score 1) 95

I live in Russia, and there is no forced MITM with replaced certs. The official replaced certs that I have read about were: 1) in Kazakhstan, 2) In Australia where they were limited to some school system (which is understandable due to minors protection laws). The SORM (Read: PRISM) is totally passive and is prevented by law from any modification of traffic. The laws that punish the circumvention of filters are in project only.

Comment In Soviet Russia ... (Score 2) 207

Messengers encrypt YOU!

Being a Russian I just don't beeping care. And maybe I'm even glad that this bill is proposed, because it means that all the official messengers (I mean: companies that provide messenger services using closed source software) will be compromised and the only messengers that are trustworthy will be the open source decentralized ones having no central authority that can be fined.

In such conditions the maximum fine would be 5000 Roubles (less than US$100) which means that the expense of collecting the evidence would not pay up. It's just impossible to interrogate everybody whose traffic comes to some nonstandard port, and it's impossible to prove that it's a messenger and not anything else.

Also I hope that any software that used the outdated HTTP(S) and HTML protocols which have so many builtin security holes will be compromised at last and the only programs that survive would have no such thing as web page phenomenon and correspondingly site phenomenon. For instance, Freenet now supports something like a webpage. But it edits out anything that could be dangerous. RetroShare just has no web page. It displays web links but you should copy them to the browser with full understanding for your actions.

Please understand: This bill is neither Putin's nor the FSB/KGB initiative. The FSB works stealthly. It's the initiative of parlamentaries who propose the laws that just cannot be observed.

Comment Virginia Tech (Score 1, Insightful) 1144

You all remember the Virginia Tech where one of teachers was an Israeli who had a specific training and could kill the criminal but had no gun.

But I heard that is Virginia there was a mass shooting some years before. But it was NOT the arms free zone. So the students went to the parking, took their gins from their cars and shot the criminal. It's a hint.

The only method that could save you Americans from mass shooting is the perspective for the shooter to be immediately shot. So your Second Amendment is precious.

Comment Re:Any impact outside US? (Score 1) 115

It's never "available". It is supplied with the cable internet contract and is usable only where the distribution network for cable TV exists. In Russia there were lots of small cable TV providers so they had an infrastructure to use it as well as inability to use the telecom cabling since the telecom is a monopoly. In Europe it's quite possible that the cable TV and telecoms are the same structures and so it's preferable to use ADSL.

Comment boundary (Score 1) 115

As I understand it's a modem, not router. So you need either a router or a PPPoE in your computer. My policy is that

1) the boundary between the Internet and my internal network lies between the equipment I control and equipment I don't control. In other words, either I choose the equipment, flash there anything I want and set any password I want - or this equipment is yours, you must do everything to return it in working order. And if you don't - I either go to some other provider or write a complain to Roskomnadzor. It's exactly what happened with my friend and his Motorola DOCSIS modem. The ISP personnel had seizures seeing his number on their phone. They reflashed the modem many times. But he still called them every time the problem occurred. They agreed to pay him to move to any other provider but he refused.

2) Either my router has an ability to install alternative firmwares, or it's not my router. Period.

Comment Re:nVidia sucks balls (Score 2) 124

Some time ago the Xorg ATI driver team decided that they would exclusively support KMS (Kernel Mode Switch) which obviously is NOT implemented in FreeBSD and anywhere except Linux. Basically it costed me US$1000 in unusable hardware since I falsely believed that my beloved Radeons would still be supported. The news of about 1 year ago are that the old console driver cannot support KMS but the new console driver does not support KOI-8r codepage which is required here in Russia. In other words, the hardware is still unusable. https://wiki.freebsd.org/Newco...

Almost the same problems plagued the Intel drivers (X cannot exit to text mode) at least when I tested it with FreeBSD 10.1. So I am forced either to use VESA drivers or install Geforces.

And I don't care about BSOD since it's a Windows thing and the Windows is almost nonexistent for me during 18 years.

Comment Re: Even if you think nuclear power doesnt kill p (Score 1) 178

You cannot produce enough RTGs without producing LOTS of radioactive waste in reactors. The plutonium RTGs used in space research, for instance, are reasonably safe since the plutonium produces only the alpha particles. But together with it there are lots of more serious isotopes radiating high energy gamma. If you use these isotopes the cost of shielding would be enormous - much more per watt than the reactor itself. It's the reason why the RTGs are used in extreme circumstances only.

Comment Re:Document2 (Score 1) 265

Problem is NOT the prevention of the outbreak since everything unpleasant SHALL happen (Murphy's law). Problem is the recovery from this situation as well as recovery from the situation where the recovery is impossible.

So imagine yourself in position of sysadmin when all the Windows and Mac computers already display the ransomware message. What exactly would you want in this situation? (Hint: Backup)

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