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Comment Re:HAM Radio (Score 1) 158

It's NOT a medium of communication just because the themes are severely limited to the ham and emergency ONLY. And it's because I had a HAM license only to be able to do experiments requiring the radio transmission, not as sports or communication. Modern rules neither allow me to keep the license without owning the transmitter nor require me to have license in order to do my experiments.


Comment Re: Virtual Private Raid (Score 2) 151

1. You could boot the system from the flash drive that is removed after boot. The part of the key resides on the same flash, the second part is entered. It's quite possible to do, at least for FreeBSD. THEY need both a keylogger in a keyboard or bios and a seizure of the boot flash. Additionally there is no place on the disk where THEY could implant a child pornography if THEIR other efforts fail.
2. You could setup the security system that signals the systems to erase the keys and shutdown on intrusion so you can be sure that your keyboard is not compromised after you buy it.
3. I've read somewhere (maybe on Slashdot or that there exists an open source utility to check the authenticity of your BIOS. So BIOS keyloggers can also be caught.

Comment RetroShare is not a SERVICE. (Score 1) 158

While RetroShare is indeed a messaging application it is NOT a service in legal meaning of this word. So legally I don't use any messaging service (except SMS, of course) and am not going to use one simply because the service means the for-profit organization that provides the service whom I should trust without any proof that it's trustworthy.

Comment Re:Easy - buyt a container. (Score 1) 303

The separate conventional building would be 1) Not a closed steel protection box. You would spend much more money for concrete walls, steel blinds, doors etc than the price of container. 2) Something on a foundation while you just throw a pair of concrete blocks below a container. 3) Realty with lots of corresponding paperwork and legalese.

Comment Re:Problem. Solution. Specification. (Score 1) 303

1. Here in Russia I see no multimode. Single mode only everywhere.
2. Here is some UPS that officially holds up to 300AH batteries. Is it enough?
3. Your walls and everything inside should not be flammable.
4. The steel doors are quite standard here in Russia as well as concrete walls of usual apartment building. And if you use a container then you have steel doors over the windows.

Comment Re:Easy - buyt a container. (Score 1) 303

It took me 1 day to repaint the roof of MY container "office". Also, you would need:
1) Total disk encryption on all your computers;
2) The device that halts all your computers and destroys the keys during intrusion (You can recover keys from your friend that is instructed to return them only in condition that you are free. Since you have no keys they cannot be extorted);
3) The encrypted off-site copy of your disks;
4) Non-flammable walls inside (I used a plywood; it's bad)
5) A video recording system offsite (and you can install some system for your friend in exchange)
6) A second Internet connection, preferably radio.
7) IP door intercom so you can talk to visitors even from the opposite side of Earth.

Forget about the guns and any form of active self-protection: The biggest problem is not robbers but a party van that either is going to find some copyright violation or to check the accusations given by your competitors. They will not find anything but will spend enough time to crash your business.

Comment Re:Some questions and options (Score 1) 366

First you need to ask yourself some questions:
1. what are you trying to protect against? Hard Drive Failure?, Multiple hard drive failures? Fire? Theft? Disk/file corruption? Destruction of your whole home/work? Everything?

Golden words. As our ex-president Medvedev once said, they would be cast in granite.

I'd add one more threat: Party Van.

Comment Re:Tape backup - (Score 1) 366

1. Don't assume anything about the LTO compression.
2. Drives with one digit indicator (Read: IBM and such) are preferable due to the full set of local tests and other useful procedures. Also IBM has much more documentation on it's drives.
3. LTO4 drive would work with LTO3 cartridges. They are cheap but the postage (I live in Russia) make LTO4 a preferable choice.

Comment Re:RAID is NOT backup! (Score 1) 366

There is a LOT of possibility for data to get corrupted while transferred to USB disk. While SATA and USB are covered with some error correction codes, the internal memory of SATA to USB chip isn't. And EVERY USB rack I have ever tried to backup my data has an overheat problem. It does not matter when you copy some DVD movies but when you copy 2TB then the probability of failure nears 100%, with destruction of file system and need to fsck all the backup. You need to add some heat sink to the chip, or else.

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