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Comment Re:More than 20 is too many? (Score 1) 559


Some things do not need processors. I voted "too many" mostly on the basis of my washing machine, which has a lovely shiny interface with buttons to press and complex functionality, timing and customisation options, and a tendency to crash.

A washing machine should not be able to crash.

I had a fine machine once. It was entirely mechanical and did what it was told. I want another one like that, please.

Comment Re:When crossing the road (Score 1) 1095

I have to disregard those, as they're written at the edge of the kerb. I don't usually stare at my feet before crossing the road, so the one on the opposite side is closer to my eyeline. As I can read perfectly well upside-down when the print is that large, they appear to be telling me to look in the wrong direction (unless it's a one-way street). Bah, say I. Bah.

Comment Re:Been watching my Firefly DVDs (Score 1) 708

I think you're right with regard to the cowboys in space feel to the show, but that's not where I saw the science fiction aspect; that lay in the main plot thread (which never got started in the series) of the results of experimentation on River and the origin of the Reavers. Both of these were looked at in Serenity but neither were really afforded the screen time they would have received during a full series. That's one reason I'd like to have seen the series continue; a full exploration of those stories would have been fun to see develop over the course of the show. It's still just using a science fiction backdrop to show a frontier adventure, but shifting political concerns to an invented universe to better examine them has been a widespread use of (good?) SF since it started.

The other reason I wanted to watch more of the show is that I liked the characters, something I find increasingly rare in any fiction these days. I felt that Star Trek (TOS) had become more about the characters than the science as of the second film, which is why I enjoyed the newest movie; I thought they captured enough of the old character work to make it enjoyable.

Comment Re:feign ignorance... (Score 2, Interesting) 606

The same happened to me (and probably half the rest of the folk on this site). I was asked at least twice a day to move photos from a camera to a PC and, on one memorable occasion, rename a desktop folder.

This did have the advantage that I could stay in the nice, warm office rather than going out in to the cold, muddy field with the chemicals. I ended up administrating pretty much everything to do site IT except that which was already outsourced. It's amazing how knowing a few keyboard shortcuts leads people to think you're some kind of computer deity.

Friends and family get help for easy fixes, which are generally all that come up; they're all too fearful of breaking something to really do anything which might cause real damage. I'll leave the obligatory xkcd to someone else.

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