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Submission + - Female Gamers have More Sex

An anonymous reader writes: A Belgian research firm found that girls who never play computer games have less sex than girls who do play games on their PC or gaming consoles. Breeze says the girls who do play games have sex 4.3 times a week, while the girls who never play games only go to bed 3.2 times a week.

Comment Just my 2 cents (Score 1) 527

He's a genius. He took a very simple idea, pulled in a huge amount of media attention and within a couple of hours I'm sure he will have reached the magical $1 million mark.

I'm still amazed that he got this idea to work. I think I thought about creating a similar site about 2 years ago but I thought it would be impossible, I believed noone would be interested in paying a lot for a link/image/pixel/...

Probably the most amazing thing are his marketing skills. He managed to gain the attention of lots of huge websites, newspapers, TV shows and other media. That was the hardest part and it's also why imitators won't succeed. The original version from Alex Tew gets it, and the copycats will barely get any media attention.

I believe if Alex handles smart now he'll be set for life. One million dollar at his age should be more than enough for the rest of his life, if he spends and invests it the right way.

Anyway, I think he should try to milk out the idea as much as possible. Maybe he should create a second page, or another 1,000,000 at the same page, for only 75 cents a pixel or something like that ;-) When he reaches the 1 million mark he'll get a huge amount of media attention, it would be a shame if he didn't do anything with it.

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