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Comment Chris O'Brien summed it up best: (Score 5, Interesting) 73

How dumb was this ill-conceived and poorly executed conspiracy? Let us count the ways.

1. There is no way that potential savings from these ridiculous schemes could have warranted the risks. Just how much money are we talking about saving by not losing a few important employees? Thousands? Chump change. Dumb.

2. Whatever the costs, we're talking about multinational corporations with billions of dollars in the bank. Really, they couldn't dip into those rainy day funds to counter a few offers? It's not just miserly. It's dumb.

3. We knew Apple was a bully. Turns out, it is an even bigger bully than we realized. According to the complaint: "Apple requested an agreement from Adobe to refrain from cold-calling each other's employees. Faced with the likelihood that refusing would result in retaliation and significant competition for its employees, Adobe agreed." Pissing off a key ally? Dumb.

4. Now, everyone working at one of these companies has got to be thinking the same thing: "Did I get screwed?" That's not exactly the kind of gung-ho, morale-building conversations you want going on. Dumb.

5. Those who do think they got the shaft may sue. And because this is an antitrust finding, the settlement will allow anyone who wins in federal court to "recover three times the damages the person has suffered." Say goodbye to whatever measly amounts the companies saved through these agreements. Dumb.

6. People maintained lists. They kept records. According to the complaint: "Pixar instructed human resources personnel to adhere to the agreement and maintain a paper trail in the event Apple accused Pixar of violating the agreement." Dumb.

7. Under this settlement, the Justice Department gets to check up on the companies just about whenever it pleases. Thought the federal government was interfering too much before? Well, congratulations. It will get worse. Dumb.

8. Did they really not think this would come to light? Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

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Samsung Galaxy Tablet Coming In September 202

adeelarshad82 writes "The rumors are now reality, Samsung showed the world its first glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the company's new 7-inch tablet. Samsung Mobile will release more information about the Galaxy Tab on September 2 in advance of IFA Berlin 2010. Tab will run on Android 2.2 and feature full Web-browsing and video calling. The information given by the company implied that the Galaxy Tab will sport an HD screen for video, Flash support, support for e-books, possible GPS navigation, and PC linking."

Comment With the onset of social websites like Facebook (Score 3, Funny) 216

Have joking but, it would be great if the indexing was done at a particular time every month like the old system, but the moment of indexing was public. Then, at that time, all facebook users could go and untag and delete anything that may have been wholesome enough to not warrant immediate removal but yet still be considered something that shouldn't be indexed for all eternity.

Comment Re:More concise... (Score 5, Informative) 149

Yeah, definitely worth your time. Vastly more entertaining than actually watching one of the prequels. If you have not yet seen the 70-minute review, make plans to watch it. Bookmark and come back to it. Don't let the annoying voice make you stop after 2 minutes - once you get about 5 minutes in, you're gonna thank me.

Comment Re:To Put This In Perspective (Score 1) 164

Unlike movie box office grosses (which I've followed out of curiosity every week for over 14 years now and can speak with at least an ounce of authority), game sales behave in a vastly different way (of which I've followed out of curiosity for a few years now).

In short, there's a lot more room for many different game titles selling in a store at once than for movies playing in theaters. As a resulting, sales will continue for a long time. This will have longer legs than you think and may still reach number 1 of all the mario series, given the console market penetration and change in world population while accounting for increased world disposable income since previous mario titles.

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