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Comment Why? (Score 3, Interesting) 76

Just asking, but isn't this just an ego-boosting stunt for another billionaire?

My God, an airliner-sized plane that costs millions of dollars and carries a single passenger at nearly the speed of a moped!
Now we all just need millions of dollars, a large runway for every home, parking for them wherever we want to go, and we'll finally break out of those nasty fossile fuel addictions.

I'm not trying to be a hater, but it seems like they are pouring way too much into this to get too little to be that impressive.
Please don't ruin my life, Monsieur Piccard.

Comment Is it a vast conspiracy? (Score 1, Insightful) 806

I hope this isn't a ploy to force people back into the democrat-run downtowns where there is no commerce, rampant crime, and crappy schools. They've run themselves into the ground and need all that tax income back before they go bankrupt.

The city I live in keeps raising taxes on me while the high school graduation rate is less than 40% and unemployment and foreclosures are booming. Meanwhile, the suburbs of the same town have an 85%+ graduation rate, almost no crime, and great schools. Why the hell should I want to stick around to pay more taxes while they cut funding for police and my home value declines?

This could get ugly if people don't go along quietly.

Comment Why not? (Score 1) 300

As long as the guy didn't make public secret government files or use illegal routes, I don't see how outing someone could be considered a breach of rights. For one thing, the Internet is public, especially blogs. Maybe being anonymous shirks the responsibility of backing up what you're expressing. If Comrade Obama was secretly blogging and making political statements, I would want to know that it was him before I judged the validity of his statements. One of these days, I'm going to figure out who this "Anonymous Coward" guy is and expose him.

Comment Bloatware is the problem, not Windows. (Score 1) 440

Any time I build a fresh PC from a Windows CD (not a recovery disk from a PC maker like Dell), Windows boots very quickly. When you start installing a bunch of apps that load on startup (especially on laptops), it starts taking longer and longer.

I reboot about once a week, and it's usually when I'm done working, not when I'm ready to start.

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