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Submission + - Facebook, Twitter Are Harder to Resist Than Cigarettes, Alcohol

An anonymous reader writes: Checking a Twitter, Facebook or email account for updates may be more tempting than alcohol and cigarettes, according to researchers who tried to measure how well people regulate their daily desires.

Researchers also found that while sleep and sex may be stronger urges than certain drug addictions, people are more likely to give in to their addiction to use social or other types of media.

Submission + - Microsoft Tries to Flip Worried Google Customers 1

theodp writes: It didn't rise to the level of Justified, but last week's public feud between Microsoft and Google over controversial changes to Google products — carried out in print ads and blog posts — was still entertaining. Microsoft kicked things off on Wednesday, warning that 'those changes, cloaked in language like 'transparency,' 'simplicity,' and 'consistency,' are really about one thing: making it easier for Google to connect the dots between everything you search, send, say or stream while using one of their services.' Not too surprisingly, Microsoft offered its own products as alternatives, prompting Google to cry foul. On Thursday, Microsoft dangled Hotmail and Office 365 as alternatives to Gmail and Google Apps, and took some humorous jabs at Google's free mail service by posting a Gmail Man spoof to YouTube. Friday brought a pitch for using IE9 and Bing to protect privacy. Microsoft VP Frank Shaw wrapped up the week's fun, saying: 'The overall theme we hit in our ads and here on this blog has been that while Google has one customer – its advertisers – we have many customers. Of course we have advertising customers, and we love them and are working to make sure we improve the advertising experience for you, and for them. But we think of YOU as our customer as well, customers for Office and Windows and Windows Azure and Bing and Internet Explorer and Hotmail and so on – and because we have a big view of who our customers are, we naturally make some different choices than Google does.'

Submission + - German gov't endorses Chrome as most secure browser (

beta2 writes: Several articles are noting that the German IT security agency BSI is endorsing Google Chrome browser:

"Computerworld — Germany's cyber security agency today recommended that Windows 7 users run Google's Chrome browser, citing the application's sandbox and auto-update features. In a security best practices guideline, Germany's Federal Office for Information Security, known by its German initials of BSI, said Chrome was the best browser."

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