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Comment one platform - end to end (Score 1) 589

I know Visual Studio is clunky but can open source provide anything as powerful? By that i mean you can debug/step through code in the web page, the middle tier and even in managed stored procedures in the database, all from the same IDE. Not having to swap between three different applications, from three different sources. Can OS do anything similar?

Comment Re:When upgrades break code (Score 1) 432

Yeah, because I would love to spend my time maintaining something that is no longer supported, while my skill set slowly goes the same way as my will to live.

You really need to badger your managers to upgrade things every couple of years or so. If you do it continually then it is not going to be as painful as jumping a couple of releases of the language in one go. Unless you do new stuff and use the latest technologies then your working practices are going to remain the same. Things move fast these days (though not that fast in the python world). To reference a language I am more familiar with, I am sure a C# application written in .Net 1 would probably still compile and run on a new machine, however, whatever it is doing, you can guarantee there are better ways of doing it these days. Probably in half the code.

Comment Re:That bad huh? (Score 1) 313

Come on, its not like you meet someone on a $30/M web site, start dating, cancel your subscription and you are suddenly forced to stop dating them. You go on for a few months, contact all the possibles and if there is nothing, then you cancel. Stay on there too long and you just start contacting random ones.

Comment Lazy (Score 1) 260

You see i have this old 286 machine i found in the loft. I can't be bothered to take it down the tip so i thought a charity might like it. ;)
Certainly where I live, the charity shops (of which there are a lot) won't touch hardware. Full stop. They are mostly run by old ladies who wouldn't know a top end PC from a hole in the ground. If they started accepting PCs, old printers, scanners (remember them), etc their shops would soon be full of them.

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