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Submission + - SPAM: Cloud Hosting For Static Sites

Thinkcloud writes: Static sites have no database and no dynamic code, so hosting Wordpress is out of the question. If you do choose to go down this road, there are a few free options for hosting such as GitHub Pages, Site44, and Amazon S3 (and more).
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Submission + - SPAM: Raspberry Pis Chained Together Provide Massive Computing Muscle

Thinkcloud writes: In a new twist on what Raspberry Pi devices are capable of, they're being chained together to form supercomputers and powerful clusters. If it sounds like a joke, you may be surprised at the enormous computing power these lash-ups are capable of. They may even have the power to democratize supercomputing-level data crunching at very low price points.
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Submission + - SPAM: Antergos Erases Cinnarch with Inaugural Release

Thinkcloud writes: It was just little over a month ago that the Linux community learned that Cinnarch developers were giving up on using Cinnamon as their default desktop because Mint was "1 year behind with upstream code." And now comes, Antergos, a galician distro that aims to link the past with the present.
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Submission + - Clear Trend Of Data Center Abstraction Continues (

Thinkcloud writes: Things are changing fast in the data center. Powered by the explosion of mobile computing, network services are struggling to keep up with the new demands of millions of broadband connected, always on devices. Network administrators are feeling the same squeeze that systems administrators are, and the solution looks like it will be higher levels of abstraction with Software Defined Networking.

Submission + - Heavy Clouds (

Thinkcloud writes: Clouds are fluffy, light, and normally hang peacefully above us in the sky. From time to time they might get dark and drop rain or snow on us, but no one expects a cloud to fall out of the sky with the weight of ten tons of steel, copper, and concrete. I am more and more convinced that the chosen metaphor of a “cloud” to describe complex network and computer infrastructure is simply wrong.

Submission + - Kanotix 2013 CeBIT Surprise (

Thinkcloud writes: Kanotix is a Debian-based desktop distribution originally designed to support a wider selection of hardware and provider newer packages than Debian. Started in 2003, Kanotix has had a rocky history with at least two declared deaths and rebirths. Now today a new release was announced with Steam installed by default. Kanotix 2013 ships with Linux 3.8.2, Xorg X Server 1.12.4, GCC 4.7.2, Grub 2, KDE 4.8.4, and NVIDIA 313.18. Some of the applications include LibreOffice 4.0, Amarok 2.7.0, VLC 2.0.3, GIMP 2.8.2, and Iceweasel 19.

Submission + - Every Install Should Be Minimal (

Thinkcloud writes: By default, if all options are selected with default values during the installer process, you boot into a system with a mere 85 processes running. The simplicity of a minimal install reminds me of how Unix computing was originally intended to be.

Submission + - The Kernel Panic (

Thinkcloud writes: Why would a perfectly good server that had been running fine for months suddenly panic and die? When the server was rebooted it came back perfectly fine, and there were no modifications to the software prior to the failure. There are no logs, and the other sysadmin said that he saw something about the ext3 driver on the console before rebooting.

Submission + - Advanced Job Scheduling With Cron (

Thinkcloud writes: The cron daemon is a core component of any Unix-like operating system. On the surface, cron is a scheduler, meant to run a command at regular intervals. However, if we dig a little deeper into the configuration options, we find that we can configure cron to be as detailed and granular as we need. If you need a script to run every seven minutes, five days a week, between the hours of 8AM and 4PM, cron has you covered.

Submission + - Guest Post: Citrix's Don Lafferty on CloudStack, Apache and IaaS Vision (

Thinkcloud writes: The holy grail here is “the factors of 5 to 7 decrease in cost of electricity, network bandwidth, operations, software, and hardware”. In this environment, applications have to be rewritten to deal with the failure rate of hardware. The archetypal CloudOS, Amazon Web Services, offers virtual machines that die on a regular basis as the underlying commodity machines give way. Therefore, with classic IaaS, the hardware and software have to adapt to the IaaS model, and not the other way around.

Submission + - openSUSE 12.3 Beta 1 Released with Pizza (

Thinkcloud writes: Today Jos Poortvliet announced the arrival of openSUSE's developmental release, openSUSE 12.3 Beta 1. He expressed the importance of getting this release "a good workout." As an incentive a pizza party is planned, because, after all, hacking is quite difficult on an empty tummy.

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