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Comment Re:not where from, where to? (Score 1) 523

Same here. I'm done with MoP. Same shit different graphics. I played EVE for a couple of years then stopped for a year. I came back last month, fired up my indy alt account as well and had a ton of research points to turn in! Some of my old corp mates returned about the same time as me so we pretty much have the old gang back together.

Submission + - Debian Allows Trademark Use For Commerical Activities (

sfcrazy writes: According to the new trademark policy, Debian logos and marks may now be used freely for both non-commercial and commercial purposes. Stefano Zacchiroli, current Debian Project Leader and one of the main promoters of the new trademark policy, said "Software freedoms and trademarks are a difficult match. We all want to see well-known project names used to promote free software, but we cannot risk they will be abused to trick users into downloading proprietary spyware. With the help of SPI and SFLC, we have struck a good balance in our new trademark policy. Among other positive things, it allows all sorts of commercial use; we only recommend clearly informing customers about how much of the sale price will be donated to Debian."

Submission + - The Web Standards Project (WaSP) Shuttered ( 1

hypnosec writes: Aaron Gustafson and two of his fellow contributors, Bruce Lawson and Steph Troeth, have announced the closure of The Web Standards Project (WaSP) which was formed back in 1998 by Glenn Davis, George Olsen, and Jeffrey Zeldman to get browser makers support the open standards established by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The project described itself as a “coalition fighting for standards which ensure simple, affordable access to web technologies for all." Founded at a time when Microsoft and Netscape were battling it out for browser dominance, WaSP aimed to mitigate the risks arising out of this war – an imminent fragmentation that could lead to browser incompatibilities. Noting that "..Tim Berners-Lee’s vision of the web as an open, accessible, and universal community is largely the reality" Aaron noted that it was time to "close down The Web Standards Project."

Submission + - Apple's Lightning-to-HDMI Dongle Secretly Packed With ARM, Airplay (

joelville writes: "After noticing artifacts and a 1600 × 900 image in the output from Apple's new Lightning Digital AV Adapter, the Panic Blog sawed it open and found an ARM chip inside. They suspect that video bypasses the cable entirely and instead uses Airplay to stream three inches to make up for the Lightning connector's shortcomings."

Comment Re:So is apple... (Score 1) 282

Don't quote me on this but I think the Vostro is one of the few laptops with a matte finish nowadays. So the remainder of the Apple (obviously) and Dell stock is pretty much defective by design. Thank the lord for the Vostro.

Quoted for future reference. Thank you for your cooperation, citizen.

Submission + - SPAM: military web development discount

hotymane writes: Today through July 4th we are offering a 50% discount on all products and services with a military ID. People Nexus supports the troops who fight to give us our freedom and quality of life we all enjoy and some take for granted. We salute you all and will help any soldier from any branch of the armed forces a chance to make their American Dream come true. God bless America and God bless the troops.
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