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First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - A Brief Look at Free Quake3 Engine Based Games

Thilo2 writes: "As most of you probably know, id software released the Quake3 engine in summer 2005 under the terms of the GPL, which is now past over two years. Ever wonder what came out of it? Even though the engine is eight years old, just recently two independent projects have released fully featured multiplayers games, weighing in with downloads of about 550 megabytes each. Urban Terror and World of Padman, formerly modifications that required you to have the original Quake III Arena game, can now be played independently as stand-alone versions. Urban Terror combines realistic environments and weaponry with movement similar to Quake3. World of Padman on the other hand is a colorful shooter in comic style giving you fun weapons like water balloons and water pistols to shoot with. Last but not least there is Tremulous, a first person shooter with added real time strategy elements which has been out for quite some time now. Interesting to note, its game data is licensed under a CC license. All three games use an improved Quake3 engine from ioquake3, which has cleaned up the Quake3 source code since its release and made many improvements like OpenAL, Vorbis and SDL support, and thus are available for Windows, Linux and MacOSX. If you are willing to compile the engine yourself you can get support for even more platforms like Solaris or *BSD."

Submission + - Metasploit Framework 3.0 RELEASED!

Metasploit writes: "We are pleased to announce the immediate free availability of the Metasploit Framework version 3.0. Metasploit is a development platform for creating security tools and exploits. Version 3.0 contains 177 exploits 104 payloads 17 encoders and 3 nop modules. Additionally 30 auxiliary modules are included that perform a wide range of tasks including host discovery protocol fuzzing and denial of service testing.

HD Moore also gave an interview to Securityfocus to discuss what's new in release 3.0, the new license of the framework, plans for features and exploits development, and the links among the bad guys and Metasploit and the law. Here's a quote: "In the US, exploit regulation would kill research and lead to a degrading state of security for all US companies. Vendors patch because exploits are available, without "above ground" exploits that anyone can access, there is no motivation to patch flaws.""
The Media

Submission + - PC World's 50 Best Tech Products of All Time

Harry McCracken writes: "Hello, We've published a story called "The 50 Best Tech Products of All Time." We ranked 'em (including hardware, software, services, and more), wrote about 'em, and include a poll to let visitors vote for their favorite single product of all time. It's all at:,130207-page,1-c, technology/article.html We're betting that some of our choices will be controversial — but that's part of the fun."

Submission + - Battlestar Galactica: Beyond the Red Line

doh123 writes: Battlestar Galactica: Beyond the Red Line, the free Freespace 2 engine stand-alone game that has been in the works a long time has a Demo now available for download. Windows only at the time of writing this, but the Linux and Mac OS X versions should be available soon. This is probably the coolest game in development in a long time, and its not from any of the major game companies. Anyone who is going to try it, please help seed the bittorrent downloads.

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