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Comment Re:multitasking (Score 3, Informative) 1003

I'm having an issue with the math in that link. It says eating while driving is a bigger risk, and increases the odds of crashing by 80% - or, in decimal terms, 1.8 times as likely. Yet it also says in the linked article about texting while driving, and I quote, "You are 23 times more likely to have an accident while texting and driving. That's not a typo, 23 times more likely to crash!"

Now, I didn't go to college, or take any math past Algebra in high school, but I'm pretty sure 23 > 1.8.

Comment Re:multitasking (Score 1) 1003

How many drivers are constantly fiddling with the radio? I don't ride with a lot of people, nor do I drive myself (much prefer walking), but every person I've been in the car with sets the radio at the beginning of the trip and leaves it alone, occasionaly adjusting at a stop light.

Statistically-speaking, though, my sample size would be deemed hilariously inadequate, so I may missing something.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 1319

Having your patients die or sue you for malpractice would go a long way toward hindering the pursuit of money.

With that in mind, what relevance does the motivation have? Either they treat you because they think it's right, or they treat you because they want to preserve their income. Neither of which, incidentally, has any real ties to their religious beliefs or lack thereof.

Comment Re:You know, (Score 2) 760

But the assumption that people will do something about it shouldn't be made for a "worst case" scenario. I'm a little more okay with it being a matter of missing data, but to use the phrase "worst case scenario" implies that you're throwing out any remaining naivete and, you know, expecting the worst. To do otherwise is both misleading and incompetent.

Is it weird that I want phrases to consistently mean something?

Comment Re:Here's my two cents on that (Score 1) 2288

Why do our kids fall behind in math and science? It's as if they were being intentionally hobbled or something. The imperial system is an all-to-evident example of one of the ways this hobbling is maintained.

Really? That is what you're going with? Now, I don't care about the measurements one way or the other, and I'll never understand why people get so worked up about it, but there are many things wrong with the US school system. Measurements have absolutely nothing to do with it, and frankly that has got to be the shittiest argument on any topic I've ever heard. Kudos, sir or ma'am; I work in retail and have for several years, so that's really quite an accomplishment.

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