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Tracking the Harm Games Do 118

Every so often, video games are accused of causing all sorts of negative behavior in children, teens, and adults. These accusations are typically predicated on statistics that sound much more damning than they actually are. In that vein, gaming website Rock, Paper, Shotgun did their own tongue-in-cheek statistical analysis, complete with pretty charts and graphs. Quoting: "As part of my research I thought to compare the sales of each GTA game with what the divorce rate must have been when each came out. As you can see each new GTA game has been directly correlated with an increase in divorces. ... An often ignored statistic (and you have to ask why it’s being ignored by the games media, don’t you?) is the sheer volume of PC games being released. We’ve all noticed the British population is abandoning the church, turning instead toward shopping, DVDs and knife crime. But few have thought to check for a connection between PC sales and the numbers of people attending their local Church Of England church on a Sunday. When you look at the data there’s little doubt left that as the publishers continue to release more and more PC games each year, our nation’s faith is being increasingly eroded. And at what cost? If only a graph could tell us that."
Role Playing (Games)

Dragon Age 2 Announced 183

Today BioWare announced a sequel to Dragon Age: Origins, titled Dragon Age 2. They've opened an official site for the game, which shares some vague details and concept art, and promises a trailer in mid-August. The story will apparently span an entire decade and involve a new hero, but it will be located in the same world as the original game. The site says there will be "dynamic new combat mechanics," though the same three basic classes will be available. More information should be forthcoming in this month's issue of Game Informer.

Comment Re:Please no (Score 1) 580

Unfortunately, one of the previous pieces of software in this area followed the poster's "self documenting code" style (very nice, clean, well written code with no comments), and even I find it difficult to piece together what's going on in places --- not because all of the code is crypto-specific, but because the author has thrown so much effort into writing "clean, pretty" code that it's actually hard to know where the crucial pieces are. I can't quite explain why I find this so irritating, but perhaps some of you will know what I mean.

I can kind of understand this, often in the quest to make things more understandable things are refactered into methods/functions that arent modular operations in themselves which can lead to more confusion since they masquerade as pieces of modularly reusable code when they in fact rely on assumptions which happen to be satisfied by their caller.

Its also worth noting that you do get a performance and memory usage penalty for pushing additional frames onto the stack. In certain cases that can be a factor. (As an aside why is it in Uni that recursive code is held in such high regard as being elegant whereas in day to day like its almost always a bad idea. I made that mistake a few times early on in my professional life).

Comment Re:Correct User Access (Score 1) 932

I also find the best thing to do is treat them like a corporation so in order to get support they need to have first signed off on the Enterprise wide computer usage and security guidelines and then logon to the issue tracking database and create a problem along with a risk assesment and business impact. If they are unable to access the issue tracking database they need to get one of their coworkers to create the ticket on their behalf. The requests are then sorted according to impact where those causing more than $10,000 revenue loss are given an SLA of 5 hours. Other problems are assigned response times based on impact to the user and support team workload.

Post resolution if the problem was caused by failure to adhere to the Enterprise wide computer usage and security guidelines then appropriate disciplinary action is instigated with their direct report-to.

Comment Re:Jack, Ardour, jamin and jazz (Score 1) 513

Yeah but its not like if I recompile my binary then that 6/8 middle section is going to flow into the verse better is it?

The mixdown step is more to do with the traditional process where mastering would be done by a separate engineer so its a workflow embedded in a lot of musicians subconscious already but theres nothing to stop you strapping your master fx over your master bus and working that way.

With a modern DAW I dont see why you would ever want to route audio to another application (MIDI is another story mostly due to one particular app [reason]) but see rewire) since all your audio apps will be running inside your DAW via VST or rtas anyway.

As for value for money. These days Reaper (unlimited free trial, 50 bucks license) is available on windows and Mac and is pretty much as fully featured as cubase, its missing some audio editing facilities but you can hook in audactiy as a helper app so going linux doesnt save you any money at all, except the OS license I suppose but quite frankly a windows OEM license is what a hundred bucks or so so by the time Ive wasted 2 or 3 hours trying to setup linux the windows license has paid for itself. Hardware of course you are fairly limited on what you can even use on linux so I doubt you get the most band for buck when your buying your interface either.

Basically if you dig linux and like toying around with this stuff I can see the attraction but as usual for people who arent interested in the technology aspect the workflow isnt optimal with a far to high barrier to entry in terms of initial configuration. This is the same problem linux has in other creative spaces.

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