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Comment Paperclip RS-232 Gender-changer (Score 1) 258

Probably not exactly what you were asking for, but my all time favorite was back when I worked for an ISP, and we had a core router go down in the middle of the night. I get out to the POP and find that in order to get into the console of the router, I need to be able to plug a female 9 pin connector to a female 9 pin connector for the cables that I actually have with me.... I promptly found a couple of paperclips lying around and used my side cutters to cut off several lengths to short between the two connectors and make a gender-changer and Null Modem adapter in one, since it turned out I needed the null modem adapter too...

Comment Shared hosting... (Score 1, Interesting) 212

I see nothing in here about how they plan to address shared web hosting. To me that's always been more of an issue than the cost of the certificate.... Current implementations of SSL requires one certificate to be bound per IP address, and there is no "hostname" request from the browser like there is with HTTP. When I can pick up a certificate for less than $20 per year, the cost of the certificate is not going to hold me back... The fact that I can't install the certificate on my "Shared hosting" website, would however.

Comment Deep Packet Inspection (Score 1) 572

it's actually fairly common for any fairly new generation firewall that does Deep Packet Inspection for Intrusion Prevention, Content Filtering, etc. The firewall has to be able to view the data unencrypted to scan it for the "normal" stuff. Nothing overtly hostile in the intent there, just the way it works.

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