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Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 2) 272

Agreed. You should also avoid relying on URLs that third parties are in charge of. If you're trying to make money from your blog or brand, use a domain name that you control. By marketing, you've made a pact with Google and they may just decide it's not a big deal for them to pull the trigger on you and end the pact.

Comment Re:simple fix (Score 1) 221

Life involves physical activity. Where do you draw the line? What's enough "physical activity" to qualify? Is Jeopardy a sport? There's physical activity involved in pressing that motherfucking button, right?

What about charades? Obviously no one plays charades in real life but they do it in movies so let's analyze it like it's a real thing. There can be quite a bit of physical activity there and there is scoring with an objective winner. Is that a sport? If so, why is that a sport but Monopoly isn't?

The physical activity bit just feels like a terrible line to draw because it is so arbitrary and hard to judge.

How about this: people can call whatever the fuck they want a sport and then we just go with it.

Submission + - Developers Run Into Hostile Legacy Systems 5

rjmarvin writes: developers are getting hit with a barrage of flak from President Obama, congress, the tech community, and the American people. But the problem is, when running into integrating problems with health care companies' hostile legacy systems, developers are essentially reduced to cats wearing cones of shame The front-end government-side developers were saddled with SLA-style agreements written by enterprise healthcare IT teams who probably wanted to write better code, but were constrained by the health care industry's cones of shame.

Submission + - Child 'Cured' Of HIV Remains In Remission After 18 Months (

starr802 writes: A Mississippi child born with HIV has been in remission for 18 months, a sign that the virus is gone for good.

The case, presented in March, has recently been updated in the New England Journal of Medicine, which confirms the 3-year-old was infected in the womb, and after aggressive treatment shows no signs of infection.

"We might be able to intervene early and spare children a lifetime of therapy,” Dr. Katherine Luzuriaga, a University of Massachusetts AIDS expert involved in the baby's care, told AP. “That is the potential impact of this case."

Comment Re:Freedom of expression? On Slashdot? (Score 1) 1448

What is so horrible about letting people believe what they want, and feeling free to speak one's mind either in agreement or disagreement?

Who is stopping him davide? If someone says something I find offensive, are you saying that I have no right to want to avoid lining their pockets? What exactly is the point you're getting at?

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 572

I've walked through camps in the 3rd world, where people live in shanty towns and their homes are much more in-line with the definition of camp than people hosting LAN parties.

What does the Cold War have to do with any of this?

It doesn't sound like a simple shelter when you have a TV, playstation/xbox/computer, and a LAN set up to play games with friends. That sounds like a LAN party or a hotel room. Maybe to you, a simple shelter includes these things, but to me, it does not.

What you put inside of this "simple shelter" doesn't dictate the simplicity of it. If I come across a lean-to on the AT and put a computer in it that runs on a diesel powered battery, have I suddenly made that shelter to be something other than "simple"? If so - are the hikers on the AT who stay there not camping suddenly? You're funny...

Comment Re:Wouldn't that waste more energy? (Score 1) 312

Sure, it will consume more electricity, but say the extra electricity is $0.10 per PC times 18K PC's is an electrical bill increase of $1800. So we would need to generate 24 bitcoins in that 8-12 hours to break even and more to make money.

Using more electricity to generate money is not a "go green"-initiative, as others have pointed out. This proposal should be rejected as it is going to use more electricity.

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