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Comment Re:Bad Idea, but that's what Germany is up to now. (Score 1) 65

It could be used to signal the intentions of the car to those around the car. The projected pedestrian crossing signals to the pedestrian that the car is intending to stop, so it is safe to cross. The projected turn sign indicates that the car intends to turn right at that turn, and not the (sometimes very close by) earlier or later ones.

Of course this only really works for autonomous cars, since as long as there is a human at the wheel the car won't know what the human is going to do.

Comment Re:Whatsisname is...mistaken (Score 1) 289

Why would they need to sell stuff? Those that own the production facilities can just produce anything they need or want in their own factories. They become self contained in their factory mansions with no need to interact with the 99.999%

What we, the 99.999%, do with our life is up to us. My suggestion would be along the lines of taking over those automated factories, making them state-owned (or taxing the 0.001% with a 99.9% tax rate), and giving everyone a base income.

If everything can be made by robots, there is no need to work any more. Capitalism breaks down. Don't try to apply our current economic models to such a situation. Instead, try to come up with new economic models, and a transition path.

Comment Re:Why does it need a 5 speed gearbox?? (Score 1) 167

Yes, and the final drive ratio is ALSO larger than 1 for all cars I've looked at, meaning it only invalidates your statement further.

Why don't you come up with some actual numbers? Let me help you:

Lets assume a rather small wheel size of 50cm. That gives a circumference of 1.57 m.
Lets assume the engine is doing a low 4000rpm, or 240000 rotations per hour.
If this engine was bolted directly to these wheels, the car would be going 376.8 km/h

Most cars are not going 376.8 km/h at 4000 rpm in any of their gears, so apparently the wheels are turning slower than the engine.

Comment Re:Why does it need a 5 speed gearbox?? (Score 1) 167

I can do that too:
Try pulling away from a stop, uphill, in 5th gear, if you don't believe me. (actually legal for you to try, on any public road, unlike your suggestion)

But unlike you I can also come up with actual numbers, easy to find:
M3 Coupe (E36) Automatic: 1:3.67 2:2.00 3:1.41 4:1.00 5:0.74
3 of the 5 gears keep engine rpm up. 1 gear is 1:1, 1 gear keeps engine rpm down.

M3 Convertible (E46) manual 1:4.23 2:2.53 3:1.67 4:1.23 5:1.00 6:0.83
4 of the 5 gears keep engine rpm up. 1 gear is 1:1, 1 gear keeps engine rpm down.

Comment Re:Why does it need a 5 speed gearbox?? (Score 1) 167

A quick google for gear ratios returns ratios of about 3 to 4 for 1st gear to around 0.7 for 5th gears. So most gears on normal cars do keep engine rpm up, and not down.

This makes sense, since when you're driving slowly in 1st gear, your engine is doing around 1000 rpm, but your wheels are definitely not.

Comment Makes sense (Score 1) 64

âoeTell me, and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand.â

The safety instructions are mostly just telling, because the showing part is, for most passengers, too far away and happens too fast to be useful. Anything that forces the learner to actually do something with the material himself works much better than just telling the material.

Comment Re:News for the USA. (Score 1) 274

At that point it becomes a matter of scale. The death cap is native to Europe, where it is widespread. (according to a 1974 paper). If something is "native" to 90% of the continent and "invasive" in 10, do you still label it as "invasive to the continent" ? And after which timeframe does it stop being invasive and starts counting as native?

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