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Submission + - Jawbone MyTalk user accounts compromised (

The_Crisis writes: Looks like we can add Jawbone to the ever-growing list of companies whose user accounts have been hacked. Jawbone MyTalk users received the following email from the company today:

We are writing to inform you of an important security matter. We recently learned that login information for your Jawbone MyTALK account was compromised by an isolated attack on our system. In the course of this attack, limited user information related to your MyTALK account—specifically your name, email address, and an encrypted version of your password (not the actual letters and numbers in your password)—was compromised. We took immediate action to protect your login information. Based on our investigation to date, we do not believe there has been any unauthorized use of login information or unauthorized access to information in your account. To help protect your account, we have disabled your old MyTALK password and you can no longer use it. Please reset your MyTALK password by following the instructions below. To help ensure that your information remains safe, we recommend that you do not choose the same password that you use to log in anywhere else, and change your password on other sites where your old MyTALK password is used. Steps to reset your password: 1. Copy and paste this URL into your web browser: 2. Type in your email address and click the Reset Password button 3. You will receive an email with instructions to complete the password reset We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. The security of your personal information is a top priority for us. We take security very seriously and will continue to take steps to keep your account information safe. If you need help resetting your password, please contact Customer Support by emailing Sincerely, Jawbone

Comment Re:Homebrew rebound (Score 1) 131

Urban Legend letter to Miller Brewing Co. Thought this would be appropriate...

at Miller Beer, it was never our intentions to have someone take more than 2.5 minutes to enjoy one of our beers. We pride ourselves in creating fine, smooth, quick drinking beers and leave the making of sissy, slow sipping beers to that Sam guy in Boston. However, it is good to know that you feel our Miller Lite can last as long as 6 minutes. However, may we suggest in the future you try consuming at least two in that time frame.


Submission + - Hacked Syrian Officials Used '12345' As Email Password ( 1

The_Crisis writes: "A report released about hackers associated with Anonymous having leaked hundreds of emails belonging to aides and advisers of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad showed that several of those individuals used '12345' as their email password.

The documents released included those preparing Assad for an interview with Barbara Walters."

Comment Re:There is no FIRE IN SPACE YOU DUMBA (Score 3, Interesting) 146

So you get a bubble of low density CO2 around the fire, but not any movement

That's correct, except for the parts where it's backwards and/or wrong. The heat given off as the product of combustion should increase the pressure of CO (and/or other products of combustion) (see: Charles' Law) which we are guessing would radiate away in all directions. That pressure increase should cause airflow from the area of higher pressure to the area of lower pressure (see: Wind). So (totally guessing/hypothesizing here) it seems to me that the heat generated as a result of combustion would increase the pressure and cause airflow away from the center of the combustion source which would prevent much if any O2-rich air from circulating, in effect choking itself out.

Comment Re:Edison reaching out from beyond the grave (Score 1) 462

In this case, just where along the line do you convert the AC to DC. ?


Most data centers use power distribution systems in which AC power from the grid is converted into DC power to charge the UPS batteries, and then converted back to AC for the equipment. The loss of power through multiple AC/DC conversions has been cited as an argument for using DC power distribution. ”DC distribution can eliminate at least three conversions,” said Symanski.

It sounds like the flow will be having your 120/208/240/other VAC coming into your data center area to one transformer that will send your VDC power through a UPS to the PDU's and so on down the line. It sounds to me like the main point they are trying to make is the most significant gains in efficiency is by eliminating unnecessary conversions and so eliminating the cause of a lot of lost/wasted energy. Assuming your data center is set up with a fairly reasonable footprint (read: in the same room) then arguments of power loss over distance are pretty much moot. It doesn't sound like they're wanting something as radical as changing the standard of the entire grid, instead focusing on making the most of the juice you're getting from it.

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