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Comment feminism (Score 2, Interesting) 642

It's because of bigots like you that guys like me feel feminism still needs to exist. Same goes for affirmative action.

The simple rule is to treat others as you'd want to be treated. Period. How often do you hear about women having too much power? Never by sane people. How many females are on boards of directors? Way too few. Do women have way more obstacles to overcome just to do well at work? You bet your ass they do. Of course men "don't talk and bitch about it" because they have no idea how poorly women can be treated.

I know women to this day who are seen more as sex objects than colleagues and never taken seriously at work, even though they happen to be smarter than many of the others in the room. They are often ignored or 'mansplained to' (Wikipedia). Women (and men) actually ARE doing something productive about it by informing the ignorant that women generally have it rougher than men.

As for life being unfair, I agree with you, but not with the word 'sometimes'. Being a woman on earth means 'almost every time' life is unfair, and I don't see why that should be the status quo nor why we shouldn't set a high standard of conduct for ourselves to resolve that.

By the way, why is calling a locker room full of guys 'ladies' or something based on the feminine like 'bitching' derogatory , while telling women to 'man up' supposed to mean to strive for better?

I don't see why the burden of action should be on those who are subjugated to unfair behaviour. Why isn't it up to men to stop being jerks?

Submission + - Gen Y: The Cheapest Generation (

The_AV8R writes: Derek Thompson and Jordan Weissmann wrote an article in The Atlantic with their take on Why Millennials aren’t buying cars or houses, and what that means for the economy.

They make the (obvious) observation on the shift from the ownership culture to an 'access' culture. Maybe other broke Gen Y-ers like myself out there can get warm fuzzies from the read.

Comment I once placed my hands on Seven and Five (Score 1) 380

I once placed my hands on Seven and Five
Then my summer employer wanted to ensure on gravel roads I can drive

With the assessor I took to the road
and upon me this knowledge she bestowed:

"If ever you crash and the airbags go off
please remember, do not scoff

Because you will scream deathly calls
As your hands completely squish your balls...

Please be safe
Drive at least at Four and Eight"

Submission + - Facebook status update provides alibi (

fattmatt writes: A NY man accused of robbery has successfully used his Facebook status update for his alibi. The best part is the actual status update... "On the phone with this fat chick... where my IHOP."

Comment 'Owning A Canadian' refers to a joke (Score 5, Informative) 513

A radio personality named Dr. Laura Schlessinger, an orthodox jew, once said on her show that homosexuality was an abomination according to Leviticus 18:22 and could not be condoned under any circumstance. "Why Can't I Own A Canadian is the title of the letter in response to her comments.

What's In an Educational Game? 160

An anonymous reader writes "I work at a non-profit whose mandate is to increase science literacy and awareness. One of the methods that we've started exploring is in making free, online educational games. Our target demographic for the games is kids aged 8-12, but there is no reason the games could not also appeal to a broader age range. What would you look for in an educational game? Does length and depth of gameplay matter to you, or would you rather play a trivial game with subconscious educational value?"

Comment Re:And they wonder why..... (Score 1) 299

Neither GM nor Chrysler will "get it". Why should they? They have governed by finance pros instead of by engineers.

I'm an engineer, and the marketing department at my company will always get over double the budget of my design dept. This is normal, and simply a question of marketing. It has nothing to do with any mismanagement of GM at all, actually. Seth Godin's blog, although usually vague and general, gives a bit of insight into this matter. Moral of the story: People don't buy what's best, people buy what they want. GM is just providing an option to cater to something people would want, and making good money doing it. It's not like they were sacrificing any performance for the add-on. If anything, they're managing their resources even better by doing this.

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