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Comment Re:GNOME 3 (Score 1) 378

I find the people that like it, are new users to LINUX and never used GNOME 2.

If you previously used GNOME 2, most people don't like GNOME 3.

I've been using Linux and other Unix's since the early 90's. I've used Gnome 1-3, KDE 1-4, LXDE, XFCE, Enlightenment, OpenStep, FluxBox, and others that I've forgotten. Gnome 3 is my favorite by a mile. Just another datapoint to show that not all Gnome 3 fans are clueless noobs.

Comment Re:GNOME 3 Wins Linux Journal's Readers' Choice Aw (Score 1) 378

There is nothing "intuitive" about minimizing a window.

Among technical people you are right. However, it's been my experience that most non-technical people over 30 do not understand minimizing windows. They don't seem to be able to understand that the set of visible windows is not a 1:1 mapping to the set of running programs.

Comment Re:All-Streaming is a Great Idea (Score 1) 360

Internet connection is the other big factor. Huge parts of the country have 1.5mbps DSL or worse as their fastest option. Netflix streaming is usable at 1.5mbps but it isn't HD and no one else can do much of anything with the Internet while you're streaming. That might fly of a single person or couple without kids but it's a no-go with larger households.

We tried it a number of times when we had the "free" streaming that was bundled with our disc plan. Didn't work for us at all.

Comment Another Happy Gnome 3 User Here (Score 1) 204

Sadly, i don't have modpoints today I would have thrown a bunch into this thread of happy Gnome 3 users.

I got a taste of Gnome 3 on Ubuntu. (I used the Gnome Shell login option to get Gnome 3 rather than Unity.) I loved it and the increased productivity it gave me so much I switched back to Debian so I could get Gnome 3 in unmolested form rather than the hacked up Ubuntu version.

Comment Re:There's also no real safe recreational dose for (Score 1) 757

It is just too addictive. It has more or less a 100% addiction rate. So you can't do "just a little" meth or be an occasional user. You get hooked, hardcore.

There were loads of casual meth users in the rave scene in the late 90's. These people used some at a party once a week and that was it. The overwhelming majority of them were functional members of society with jobs, in college, etc. That's not to say that some small percentage didn't get hooked. One guy got hooked on meth and lost his university scholarship because of it. That was a life changing mistake. However, like most all drugs, society only see the people who have hit rock bottom. The other 95% of users who are not similarly effected remain invisible. Result: Society believes that drug X,Y,Z has absolute power to run everyone into the ground.

If you're a mess then drugs will make you more of a mess. If you have your shit together then no drug can destroy you.

Comment Re:Skip Computer Science... (Score 1) 297 Computer Engineering instead. You'll have a far better degree with more opportunities and a better understanding of computers, both practical and theoretical.

That's good advice. It also helps to pick a school that allows the student a lot of flexibility in choosing non-degree coursework. For example, at CMU it used to be possible to to major in Electrical and Computer Engineering and take CS classes in the huge number of free elective slots. There was already considerable course overlap between CS and ECE so it was possible to get the full ECE experience and also take every CS class that matters. Things missed were Numerical Methods, Calc in 3D, and Compiler Design. Anyone who makes it through a combined ECE/CS course load can pick those things up on their own using one of the open courseware resources. It makes for a massively flexible degree. In the end you have all the knowledge need to design a CPU, design a computer around the CPU, write an OS for it, and write apps on top of it. You know computers from silicon to application level

A lot of straight EE and ECE embedded people are very bad at the software side. A guy who has top notch software skills plus the EE knowledge needed to do embedded work is a rare jewel in the job market.

Comment Re:Missing the point. (Score 1) 297

In the end it is not where you went to school. But more of what you have learned and can you apply it. I have seen people, from notable schools, that just did not have a clue of what was asked of them on the job.

If these "notable schools" are ones like MIT, Stanford, CMU then I would assert that you have seen management failures. Sometimes organizations don't give employees the information or tools needed to fully understand what is expected of them.

It's impossible to graduate from a top 5 CS school if you are clueless and/or unmotivated.

Comment Re:Missing the point. (Score 1) 297

Ah yes, cue the endless stream of /. folk saying it doesn't matter... I graduated from one of those schools and 30 years later it still helps ;-) Experience counts very much of course, but some degrees confer instant credibility before anyone starts the process of examining your experience.

Or, to put it another way, I start with the assumption that all MIT CS graduates are "fizz-buzz capable", and I've never been disappointed...

Same here. I've been out of school about 16 years now and it still helps a LOT. Other guys I went to school with are seeing the same thing 16 years out. I regularly receive emails saying $FOO_CO is looking to hire a bunch of $MY_UNI alums with 10+ years experience.

When I was involved in hiring at my previous jobs, candidates from the top CS/EE programs were always given preference no matter how long ago they graduated.

It's not as though you can slack off after graduation though. You need to be very good at you work. The prestigious university degree is a life-long leg up on top of that.

Comment Re:George Carlin (Score 3, Insightful) 381

Do you think that maybe, just maybe, it might help to have more women in positions of power?

Wow, you don't understand women at all! They are easily offended. They hold grudges forever. They never "attack from the front". Instead, they work to subtly undermine and destroy their enemies often using innocent third parties (who get fucked in the process) to do the dirty work.

Surprise! Women are just as shitty as men, in different and more concealed ways.

Comment Money for Nothing and Your Chicks for Free (Score 0) 240

FYI, the big bad old "music industry" is actually made up of a tiny handful of rich fatcats and an enormous number of passionate amateur musicians in their early 20s who wanted a job that got them closer to their passion in any way possible. Forget about the guys at the's the hordes of young adults with stars in their eyes who suffer most from piracy.

To quote Dire Straits, "money for nothing and your chicks for free."

ALL OF US would love to make loads of cash doing our favorite hobby. Were do WE go for legislation that turns our dreams into viable businesses?

I know one musician who "works" a menial job for 2 HOURS a day. He spends the rest of his time sleeping, drinking, taking drugs, partying, etc. Despite being destitute, he manages to sleep with hot women all the time with virtually zero effort. They come to him. These girls are all 10's. He balks at women most guys would die for. Oh, her ass isn't round enough. Oh, her tits aren't big enough. He lives in quite the fantasyland! He plays roughly one live show a year (some years none!) He puts out a new album every 1.5 - 2 years. He does nothing most of the time and he bangs an endless stream of 10's. It's just plain greed to expect a bunch of money on top of that deal IMHO.

The funniest part is when he goes on his piracy rant where he states that if it weren't for piracy and all the people "stealing from him" he would have a nice car, nice house, and lots of money to spend on even more alcohol and drugs and parties.

Then there are all of the geeky coders who busted their asses in high school, college, and now the workforce to make a decent living. They're up against H1B's and offshoring. They have their noses to the grindstone working 50-60 hours per a week. They've slept with 3 or 4 average looking women their whole life. The "10's" of the world would laugh them out of the room if they made a move. That describes most of the guys I've worked with over the years. Now WHO exactly is getting the raw deal???

This is why you will never see much sympathy for musicians here at Slashdot.

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