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Comment The Medical Industry, bah! (Score 1) 625

I don't have much to say about your post except to protest your quote on Medical companies, because it's an area where I have very strong opinions.

Medical research. The private sector is doing amazing things in this area - why? Because by not taking Federal money for all lines of research they are left with options they would lose otherwise. Getting the Feds involved handcuffs researchers in more ways than you can count. Medical research is big money, the risks are great but the rewards are great. Keeping people living longer means more money for the companies that can provide it. The government has no interest in you living longer as you cost them more money when you do. (remember that entitlement section of the budget? Nearly half directly spent there).

Think about what you wrote here. The government wants old people to die because they cost the government too much money. I hardly think they are that callous, especially since most of the people in the government are old men! But even if they did, think about what this means for the motivation of the private medical corporations. They want you old AND SICK!

And this is where my distrust of privatized medical research comes into play.

I ask you, why would a private midical research facility research a medicine that cures an illness? Why would a medical company fund research for a cure they can sell once when you can develop a treatment they can sell to the same patient continuously? Have you ever wondered why there are effective treatments for HIV/AIDS but no cure? Why spend money on developing a cure when there is so much more money to be had by treating HIV/AIDS patients indefinitely.

In recent year there has been no development of new types of penicillin. Why? Becuase it is very expensive to develop a new strain and they become obsoleted (the bacteria they kill become immune) rather quickly. So what is the result? If no new variants of penicillin are made within the next few years, within a decade or so people will start dying from ordinary infections. Operations will become so dangerous to perform that people will elect not to have them made. If you prick your finger on a rusty nail and get blood poisoning, you will perhaps die.

Privately funded research is a bad idea. You cannot have a company that has to make a profit and have the peoples best interest at heart all the time. Especially not in these days of daytrading, where the bottom line is how much profit you can make. Until shareholders start demanding cures for illnesses instead of a quick cashin, the medical companies will continue as they do.

And this is no conspiracy theory. This is just common sense. The money flow here comes from companies that want to maximize their profits. It's not hard to see when they fight tooth and nail to have pirated AIDS-medicines stopped when those pirated medicines are helping people in Africa to poor to buy their expensive medicines in the first place.

Also, remember that an amazing amount (I've heard figures as high as 80%) of a medical company's budget goes to advertising, buying trips for doctors to write out their brand of medicine. If the government funded all medical research, i doubt that 80% of the funds would go to waste even in a very corrupt system. Think about the price cuts if you could get the cost of medicine down 80%, how much cheaper would government spending be? How many more people could get medicine?

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