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Submission + - Power Management and Vista on Macbook Pro SOLUTION

TheReverandND writes: "When I installed Vista on my Macbook Pro besides I encountered some issues. 1) Battery life was pathetic. 2) Vista never acknowledged that the battery was 100% charged, or when it was unplugged or the lid was shut. 3) The fans never spun up, for any reason, unless forced. This caused it to get too hot to put on my lap. 4) The CPU would never throttle frequency or voltage based in my power plan. I happy to report that the installation of 945GM chipset drivers for Vista have solved the problems. I have a write up on my blog @ Live Spaces, please bare with it I wrote it at 3am, very excited but very tired. Just remember the flickering appears to be normal, and some devices will have to have their drivers manually updated. I have been trying to spread this via the usual forums, and now I turn to Slashdot for help. This fix has given my laptop back!!! (its been effectively desk bound since my Vista install) I am thinking the use of Intels vista chipset driver may be usefull for Macbook and Mac Pro users as well."

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