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Journal Journal: Blu-Ray VS HD-DVD

I would love to have a high Def DVD. Right now there aren't that many movies but I think that more will come, and truthfully, I have seen some guys talking about Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars and Trek and I would love to see those in High Def. Most of the new stuff I couldn't be bothered. I have some concerns, tho, and they are keeping me from buying such a device. 1. I spent 10K on a 50" HD plamsma a couple of years ago, and it does not support HDCP. Now I know that all the studios have not enabled the copyright bit to downscale for non HDCP but who trusts them to keep that going. I don't want to find out 1 year from now I bought a piece of hardware that will show 10 movies in high def. 2. Someone else mentioned that there will be another audio standard coming along. I don't want to have to buy a new reciever and do a bunch of other things when this comes along (and we all know it will). 3. How do I know I am buying the right piece of hardware? I have heard talk of Samsung putting out a dual DVD, which would be great. Then who cares? I'll even pay a premium for it, which is only fair. 4. What about the PS/3 and the Xbox 360 add on component? I have an Xbox 360 already and it would be great to put an add-on HD-DVD on that piece of hardware. Since I finished Oblivion, I haven't used the damn thing anyway. So for those reasons, I am holding off on buying a HD-DVD. I am very high on almost every technology curve and I always get the newest stuff I can. I love technology. I have more computers at home than I have at work, and I run a stack of servers at work. It's not the money, it's the getting screwed principle that has me worried. LLAP.

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