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Comment Programming (Score 2) 515

I started when I was 15 years old (that would be 1992) on a Commodore 64. I wanted to write a program that would generate character sheets for me in Dungeons and Dragons and print it out. Then my Dad asked me to write a program for currency exchange. I think he even used it once or twice. LOL. I guess today I would be working on Java or Raspberry Pi projects. Learning was much harder then because there was no internet but the programming (BASIC) was much less complicated,

Comment home automation (Score 1) 557

I didn't see anyone talking about home Automation. There are some decent options for automating lights and other things such as irrigation control, door locks and thermostat control. Lighting control is fun to play with, and you can set up a server or web appliance to control it though a web page. One thing that i'd like to have working is a camera on the front door so I can use a tablet to look and see if I want to bother answering the door.

Comment Re:Bigger picture (Score 1) 65

Well if those businesses can't use Linux because some feature isn't available, then they should hire developers to create that feature. Or stick with Windows. They need to figure out which will cost them less. They shouldn't need to lean on other developers to do their work for them. Worst case, they can create their own GUI that will meet whatever needs they have. Developers will do the work that makes their work usable for the most people. The big picture you talk about seems to be your point of view. I'm sure it's a big deal to you, but maybe not so much to other people.

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