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Comment Re:Uber is a scam for drivers (Score 1) 196

Uber can't hire any decent people. Only desperate people who let's just say aren't from around here. I can't even imagine that 10% of Uber drivers make enough money to profit on. The only way Uber makes a lot of money is screwing drivers, and avoiding regulations and when they can't they just leave.

I dunno, maybe you don't live in London, but most of the Uber drivers I've had are more than decent and from around here not to mention make enough of a decent living to remain living in London. On top of that as a customer, it's cheaper than both mini cabs and taxis and a whole lot less hassle too. Up to the present time, I've only seen the upside of Uber. And for the record, these new rules about English are being pushed through by TfL who in turn have pushed them through because the taxi union has a rather large say over there. They're bitter because technology is eating into their core business.

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