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Comment Re:How much will it cost. (Score 1) 398

Charging at home every day, assuming an outdoor parking spot in the yard. he certainly spends more than that untangling the cables, plugging in, putting the cables back...

No I don't. I arrive at home, plug it in - the outlet is right next to the car. It takes around 10-15 seconds; I don't even think about it.

Comment This is so sad. (Score 5, Insightful) 290

The comments in this thread, I mean.

Seriously - we are talking about new technology - a new gadget to play with. We could be talking about the interface, comparing it to other smart watches, discussing possible future apps that would make sense in this context. But no - it's from Apple, so let's all talk about how we don't want a watch.

Personally I think the success of the watch highly depends on the interface. Other smart watches have been hard to navigate, and I am not entirely sure I believe Apple has cracked the code on the. If they have, this could be a really cool device. If not, I don't think we will see too many generations of it.

Comment Re:But Apple does not provide them (Score 1) 909

Still, taking a random test in two groups, which is more likely to be OK with porn? The gay-friendly or gay-hating one? Even when watered down to gay-friendly vs simply all people, I think you would see a clear trend thanks to the pre-selection of the group on a somewhat related topic.

So you are saying, that if you are "gay-indifferent" (whatever that may be), you are not as much in favor of free access to pornography as if you are "gay-friendly"?

I don't think I agree.

Now, I don't know where you are from, but living in Denmark, I find the term "gay-friendly" rather... strange. Isn't everybody gay-friendly? I mean, except for the very few homophobes out there
At least, I have been brought up to consider homosexuality just another sexuality - and I don't make the link to pornography at all. It find it really weird that you do.

Comment Re:But Apple does not provide them (Score 1) 909

Correlation is not causation and all that


, but I see at least the correlation, here.

Maybe you do. I think you are stretching it a bit too far.

However, one of the points made were, that children have access to the App Store, and that Apple does not want to give them access to porn.

Don't get me wrong here, I don't support Apple in this case - I think they are totaly nuts.

But I do not agree with the statement, that if you are a gay-friendly company it has to mean, that you are more in favor of pornography.
It could (and should) just mean, that you support everybody's right to their personal sexuality.

Comment Re:But Apple does not provide them (Score 1) 909

Absolutely nothing. In no way has anyone been making baseless, unfounded jokes about Apple user's sexual orientation behind their backs. That's a vicious rumour. You're being paranoid.

So... because because people make jokes about Apple users being gay, it is weird that Apple doesn't allow porn in their App Store? I fail to see how that makes sense. But hey, you got modded up, I am clearly missing something ;)

Comment Re:What is the purpose of the ipad? (Score 1) 671

I guess the iPad isn't the obvious choice for most people on Slashdot. For me, however, it is. I spend a lot of time at home using my iPhone browsing the web, planning dinner for the next day, reading books, playing games - and sitting there in my favorite couch, I don't want to open my laptop - I just want to use my iPhone; except, the screen is too small. For now, I get along - but for me the iPad is the obvious choice; it would fit perfectly with my habits.

Comment Re:why? (Score 1) 580

You don't need to go into the command line at all even to install it.


Granted, doing some obtuse things after the install may require some CLI commands,[...]

Some of those things you need to go to the CLI to get working can be quite essential, though. And having to go to the CLI is the main problem with Linux, as far as I am concerned.

My mother is using Kubuntu. She doesn't know that - she is just happy to have a nice PC, that is working. And why is it working? Because I set it up for her. I have spend quite a few hours in the CLI, getting everything working.
Granted, most of the things worked right out of the package, and it is very few things I have had to mess around with, but those things that I needed to go to the CLI to fix - she would have never figured it out.

On Windows my mother could setup new hardware by herself, as everything comes with a CD-ROM and a manual. With Linux, I have to fix things for her.

However, the time I spend fixing minor problems is nowhere near the time I used to spend removing viruses, search-bars and more nasty crap from her Windows-machine, so all in all I am happy - but while Linux is pretty near something anyone could setup, it's not all there yet, and until it is, we are just not going to get people to switch.

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