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Comment Re:The real problem... (Score 0) 286

Except as unpopular as this may sound, I really like Windows 10. I turned all of the telemetry off but even had I not, I would not care as the OS is rock solid, stable, and does everything I expect an OS to do and that is allow me to run my programs and get out of my way. I really like the new bash shell as it is far superior to cygwin. I have a couple of linux boxes but I'm just not a fan and haven't been one for the last 15+ years that I have run many linux flavors and versions.

There are many reasons to like or dislike any given OS and when it comes down to it I "choose" to run Windows and I like it.

Comment Re: nothing (Score 1) 189

The Expanse, Killjoys, and Dark Matter are all pretty decent for the "pure space" Sci Fi shows, Pure Genius, Mr Robot, Scorpion, Mars, Stitchers,Stranger Things, The Librarians, The Flash, and Agents of S,H.E.I.L.D also fit in the list quite well and are enjoyable shows to watch. Sci Fi doesn't always mean "space" :)

And I'm kind of in the "I hate TV" boat but I'll be damned if I don't find myself DVRing the hell out of those shows I just listed. Sure some are kind of dumb, some are kind of campy, and others totally sudo science, but still a good distraction from all the crap going on in the world.

Comment I love my Prusa i3. BUT. (Score 1) 274

It was dirt cheap [around 300 dollars] and works AWESOME. There are some niggly downsides though and the biggest being the filament and the need for updated/upgraded extruders for multi color printing and the general handling of the filament in general kind of sucks. The other downside is the time it takes to print something and many people have no patients. If they can't say "Tea, Earl Grey" and poof it's there then screw that. I think it's still going to be a few years until they are ready for the masses. Once you can load 3 or 5 filaments to allow you to print the full color spectrem and it take FAR less time then it does now then the average joe will not want no need one of these. Lastly there is no really easy way to get the code from brain to platform. The "revolution" will come when your mom and pop can see a picture on a webpage and hit print and a little while later there you are. Bobs your uncle.

Comment Re:Coal workers (Score 1) 540

maybe because that is all they know how to do and it up until now has been a well paying and stable income,

Why do steel workers who build skyscrapers want to keep building high rise skyscrapers? Because it's their livelihood. I would not want to do either but then again I'm a wuse.

Yeah, well, I also do not really understand why coal workers desperately want to stay coal works. Even here in Germany. In 2016 and global warming that is just downright crazy, ...

Comment TGT is Best show ________ in the world! (Score 2) 70

Top Gear was GREAT and even without the 3 pied pipers still isn't bad [though I really had a hard time liking Evens and his one set of cloths] but it's just not the same without the brothers grim.

That said The Grand Tour is probably the BEST show

in the world!

I honestly can't remember the last time I enjoyed watching a show more than TGT though. My face hurt after smiling for over an hour straight. Knowing they have 3 seasons [at least] really makes me happy and I just know Amazon is smiling all the way to the bank.

Comment Re:I'll wait for a third party review... (Score 1) 428

Tornadoes are the least of the worries really. If a tornado hits a house, or even comes close, then the house is simply gone. Now where I live hurricanes are something to deal with and traditional shingles tend to be the first thing that gets ripped off, then the roof.

Now up north snow/ice would be an issue in the winter but they could add some heating elements to melt it off I would guess.

But all that said I SO want this to be true. I need a new roof and would LOVE to get solar since we have sun about 80% of the year and I would love to toss a big FU to my power provider.
Another thing I would love to see these things do is heat up my water so I would not have to rely on natural gas as well :)

Agreed, I still want to find out how this product works in places like Warren Ohio, Joplin, Missouri, Greensburg Kanasas (Most Damaging Tornadoes I can think of off the top of my head) Where tornadoes while not "common" also aren't "rare" and as such roofs need to be able to sustain pre-tornado weather (including hail) at least a few times a year. (to be reliable)

That doesn't even include Cold Weather testing (which those 3 above also face to varying degrees), extreme summer heat, and snow dead weight (weight of snow/ice on roof) capacities, etc....

and that isn't even including any PV testing... like... Ohh how about a minor heating element that can be turned on in the winter to help de-ice/snow roofs... so as to be able to go back to collecting solar (because "normally"(ignoring temps going up) you can get a lot of snow quickly and then days and days of 'sunny but still cold' where roofs are still snow covered. So... a heating element like this would use battery/etc. power for a short time, but then allow PV collection again... ohh and.... yeah... the list goes on...)

Also... I would want to know if I can buy it in small quantities to put it on small sheds, etc... where a LED light and maybe more would be great add ons... because the "issue" with solar roof that I've been told is that you can't just buy the panels from them... you have to get EVERYTHING including installation from them... and a lot of people HAVE to do the lease option... (b/c they (IMHO) buy grid-tie in systems which makes them susceptible to lower power company regulations...) (I'd be glad to know if I'm wrong on any of Solar City's practices...but still the same issues apply)

Comment Re:How do I change a user's password (Score 1) 440

I'm using windows 10 and I cannot figure out how to change a user's password. If I were on linux or mac, I'd just type passwd username. But there seems to be no way for an admin to change a users password in Win 10. Am I missing something?

Have you not pressed control-alt-delete and clicked on change password? Or right click on computer and go to manage/local users and groups/Users and then right click on the user and select Set Password? [though this option was removed from home edition LONG ago]

Comment Re:Taxes and laws in 3,2,1... (Score 1) 117

Tell that to all the Walmarts in Texas that can't sell booze.

That's because of already-established "interests" that have "pre-bribed" our "elected representatives" in order to keep their monopoly.

They sell booze at the Walmart near my home in south Texas. HUGE isle full of beer/wine/coolers/whatnot. Since I don't drink I don't know if they sell hard alcohol and I'm not sure if that is what you mean, But they do sell "booze" down here in Walmart.

Comment If and when (Score 1) 351

If this does in fact come to a store near me, and I am still actually able to taste things [I am slowly losing my sense of taste] I would give it a try. I don't really care where my meat comes from as long as it tastes good to me at the time and if I eventually lose my sense of taste then it won't really matter to me at all and I'd actually prefer not having to kill the planet and a bunch of animals to feed me. So yah, sure, I'd give it a shot.

Comment Re:Speaking of Water (Score 0) 41

Good evening, friends. It's great that you're looking to the heavens, but let's not forget that Heaven should be our goal and our destiny. However, that choice is up to us. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. But because God sent his only son, our Lord Jesus Christ, to die for our sins, we are redeemed. But we must accept this generous offer from our Lord and each of us must be born again. We must all repent of our sins and have a born again experience if we are to be saved. As Peter powerfully spoke shortly after Jesus ascended into Heaven, he commanded that we are to repent and be baptized. Immersion in water is a sign that we are cleansed of our sins. We should all want to spend eternity in Heaven where we shall not need nor want, rather than eternal torment in Hell. If you're ready to accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior, you must be born again and then you should be baptized with water. I hope and pray that you will read this message and your heart and mind will be opened to our Lord, from whom all good things come.

- Pastor Mitch

It's great to see some stand up comedy on here now and then. Always good for a laugh.

Submission + - Blocking Ad-Blockers May Be Illegal in the EU Thanks to the Cookie Law (

An anonymous reader writes: Alexander Hanff, CEO of Think Privacy Inc., has penned a letter to European Commission's president, this past winter, asking for clarification regarding the language of the e-Privacy Directive's Cookie Law. Mr. Hanff wanted to know if the cookie law is referring strictly to browser cookies or the general notion of gathering "any information stored on such equipment [is] part of the privacy sphere of the users requiring protection."

The answer he received was adequate and even more, the European Commission revealing that all scripts (client or server-side) need to ask for permission for accessing or gathering private user data. This means that the JavaScript snippets that detect ad-blockers on sites that block these plugins and then prevent users from accessing their content are illegal and the site publishers should ask for permission (to scan for ad-blockers).

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