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Comment Re:Worldwide market share (Score 1) 189

To put this in to perspective, there are about 70mil mobile phones in England with 65mil population. The episode of friends "The One Where They're Up All Night", where Ross and Joey get stuck on the roof, didn't make much sense to british people because by this time, most people in the UK had phones with them all the time. There is recognition of this in "The One with Ross's Wedding", where they visit England and immediately notice that people seem to be using mobile phones a lot.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 292

Or option 4 no glasses needed 3D tvs. I saw one in Harrods a couple of weekends ago. It had some slight annoying virical bands to the sides & you needed to keep you head in the same position infront of it, but on the whole was very impressive. This used some triangular/prism/old tech idea like cards you twist slightly to get alternate views.

Comment Re:Because they didn't use the iPhone (Score 1) 156

I've been using mobiles in NW Europe for over ten years and know many others like me and I've never heard of this dropped call phenomenon. I do recall seeing mobile phone network adverts when visiting America which contained "now with fewer dropped calls" and wondering WTF?! I think Americans need to seriously berate their carriers if dropped calls are the norm.

Comment Stick with Linux (Score 2, Interesting) 405

I came from a SunOS background but used Linux based distributions at home (Slaskware was the easiest at the time).
I the tried NetBSD and FreeBSD and they were okay, I found general responsiveness felt good, not necessarily faster, but more consistant, this was years before low lateny linux kernel.
After about 9-12 months, I realised I was spending a lot of my time just trying to get iBCS, Wine and Linux compatibility working so I could be productive. I realised I wasn't gaining anything from running FreeBSD
and was struggling to make it work like a Linux based desktop OS. As a server I favoured Solaris anyway.

Comment 64quid for a power cable?! (Score 1) 294

Just because it's expensive generally and for good reason with loads of top of the range, top spec components, doesn't justify charging an equally high cost for mouse, keyboard and power cables!

They've just upped the price based on a general PC:Cray ratio.

Power Cord (kit of 2) £62.00
Keyboard and Mouse £106.00


Submission + - Wine 1.0 released (

TheRealDamion writes: Today* sees the launch of Wine 1.0 after 15 years of development, see for more details. *Unlike Firefox3 which launches at 10am Pacific time apparently, lame americans, I mean it's already the 18th for the majority of the world's population!

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