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Comment Block all advertising (Score 2) 716

There's enough evidence that moving, flashing, and otherwise annoying advertisements do little for your concentration. They can even effect your brain long after viewing a Web page. Block all advertising for your own good unless said advertising is already party of video content or guarantees to only serve static images.

Comment Re:Windows Phone 7 (Score 1, Insightful) 362

I really like my WP7. It's simple and straight-to-the point in how it gets the job done. The MS Office integration between desktop 2010 and WP7 using live is excellent and I don't think it would be easy to live without now that it's something in my phone! My biggest complaint is that lack of "ease" of integration with Windows 7. The Zune software is really crappy. Additionally not being able to link with bluetooth is silly, really the phone should be able to do everything over BT but instead it's a pointless addition to any WP7 handset. Otherwise I have been really impressed by the WP7. I bought it not knowing what I'd get and have been more than pleasantly surprised.

Comment Re:Personal Finance (Score 1) 125

Exactly what I was going to say; "Where is the parenting". Too many people don't think through things at all. Giving a young child a smart phone and unlimited access to a credit card and then turning the consequences on the companies providing you services just means you're a dumb parent.

Most common phrase over the last 20 years? "It wasn't my fault! They're responsible! *pointing finger somewhere else*"

Comment Re:Hah. (Score 1) 1497

If you're serious about your statement, then it should be thought over again. God demands faith, but over and over again has proved to us why we should follow him. It's immaterial if you believe in the Bible or not because the Christian believer does and in those documents we see proof of the existance of god through events that are outside of our understanding. God does not demand blind faith, but demands informed faith. The catch22 here is that according to the Bible if you choose to look the other way you'll just end up the loser anyhow. I'm not a proponent of the intelligent design camp. I'm not a liberal christian. Although, it's obvious that if you believe in a "higher" being that if they endowed us with such abilities as reason and curiousity that it would naturally lead to some form of science. As we have found out over the years, the universe can be described in scientific constructs. Only the idiot says that proof kills faith. There's nothing in the Bible demanding humans not strive for greatness, but that they do it in a way that bestows the proper recognition upon the one being that gave them what it took to get where they were. So often, humanity claims they're were they are because they did it on their own steam.

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