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Comment Re:EVE Online. (Score 1) 308

Really? I find tackling to be one of the most thrilling and nail-biting experiences in the entire game! Diving toward an enemy battleship as your prey launches his drones in an attempt to shoot you down, mashing the scanner button and praying that the rest of your fleet will arrive before enemy reinforcements do, overloading your systems in an attempt to stay ahead of the incoming damage. It's the most fun I've ever had in EVE.

Note: (for the uninitiated, tackling is the act of using a small, fast ship to engage and prevent an enemy from escaping while larger, heavier ships bring their weapons to bear on it)

Comment Re:3.5km/h (Score 1) 146

Well, depending on the distance to the exoplanet, the local gravity, and the voluptuousness of said Orion slave girl, 3.5km/hour may well be within the capacity of the young woman's mammaries.

Sadly, by the time those wonderful images reach humanity the young slave girl will be far past her prime, so it would serve as nothing more than a cruel tease to those who know that the funbags in question will no longer be so young and perky.

Comment Re:Only gonna work in hardcore. (Score 3, Insightful) 81

If CCP spend their time listening to casual gamers EVE would likely be thrown in the large pile of failed MMOs. EVE thrives because if fulfills a niche that no other game provides for myself and a few hundred thousand other gamers - I've never played an MMO where combat against other players can be as complex and fun as EVE's. If CCP spent its time listening to casual gamers there would be very little loss, the market would no longer be player-controlled, and it would be possible to obtain every ship without cooperating with other players in any form.

EVE has been a success because it knows what its players want. Attempting to cater to a casual audience and become a space-based version of World of Warcraft would destroy it and drive away the vast majority of its players.

Comment Re:My experience with Eve (Score 1) 261

I found Eve to be long and boring. Then I discovered I could buy ISK!

While I always find it satisfying when cheaters like these are found out and dealt with, they do provide some benefits to the rest of the playerbase in terms of humor. I've seen guys like him before - flying around in ships far too expensive for them to have ever afforded under the misguided assumption that money in EVE will buy you universal superiority in combat.

It may be entertaining to know that destroying someone's internet spaceship is the equivalent of grabbing a few bucks out of their wallet, but please Slashdotters - don't be like him. Everything in EVE is so much more satisfying if you earn what you fly instead of just shelling out cash to gain a (dubious) advantage.

Comment Re:Wait... what... I 'm confused (Score 1) 56

To Summarize:
  • The Gallenteans and the Caldari are two civilizations that don't much like each other
  • Caldari extremists commit an act of terrorism that killed hundreds of thousand of Gallenteans
  • The Gallenteans declare war on the Caldari and begin bombarding their home planet
  • An admiral takes a small taskforce and launches a counter-offensive that takes the Gallente by surprise
  • Caldari are given much-needed time to evacuate their home planet as a result
  • The Admiral is eventually caught and sacrifices his flagship, killing several thousand Gallente civilians

Any Questions?

Comment Re:Compliance, eh? (Score 0) 139

Conspiracy theories? You might want to check out the now open BoB forums, where there are posts of BoB members email correspondence with GMs, "Oh, we need standings here with this NPC faction", "Please give us 3 x faction battleship blueprints", "Needs more officer spawn", "Some more freighters, please". And so on and so forth.

Originally, Band of Brothers claimed space that was not occupied by an NPC 0.0 entity, and CCP added one to the space they occupied, the result of which was that BoB no longer able to claim constellation-level sovereignty in those areas. They were reimbursed for those, multiple alliances put in similar requests. Ask a player who was in one of the major alliances and they'll tell you the same thing. Unless, of course, they're in on the conspiracy as well.

You're also forgetting GM Gandalf. "Request reimbursements, etc from GM Gandalf, he understands our plight and will arrange it"

Different GMs have different frequency of reimbursements regardless of their alliance? Clearly this is a sign of the deepest levels of corruption!

Amusing though, as you try to spin the extent of the BoB/CCP conspiracy as being "omg, t20, BPs, we didn't know, not our fault, and meant nothing in the grand scheme". Keep at it.

Ah hah, so it's already clear to you that I'm one of them. Well thankfully I'm here to inform other /. users, not to argue with conspiracy theorists.

Comment Re:Cool! (Score 2, Insightful) 139

Going by this analogy, WoW would be a Tricycle. It's a comfy, brightly-colored tricycle with a cute little horn.

There's only one trail to ride, and it's in a large circular hallway with pretty wallpaper. Every hundred laps they change the wallpaper to something else pretty.

Eventually they run out of wallpaper to show you, so instead they let you improve your tricycle! Every couple of dozen laps they give you a new streamer, or a thimble of paint, or a sparkly sticker for you to put on your tricycle.

Not challenging enough? Well if you want the best stickers, paint, and streamers, you can join a group of twenty other people and ride together! Each of you has to ride a specific way and if someone isn't good enough no one gets anything. After a couple hours of riding like this, there's a small chance that one of you will get another sticker. Now, get ready to do the same thing your years and years and then you'll have all the best stickers you can have!

Then you realize that you've been riding a tricycle over the same course a hundred thousand times.

Comment Compliance, eh? (Score 1, Interesting) 139

To say that CCP was compliant to BoB's rise in power is simply a lie if you actually stick to the facts.

FACT: A single dev illegally spawned BPOs (NON-EVE PLAYERS: Blueprints that can be used to manufacture a ship) for his personal use when he was in Band of Brothers. These Blueprints were all for ammunition (NON-EVE PLAYERS: Blueprints of this type for ammunition are the least valuable and least used) and a single Ship, the Sabre class Interdictor. No one else at CCP was involved with this.

FACT: These BPOs were then eventually donated to Band of Brothers, without anyone other than the dev in question knowing that they were created illegally

FACT: This event came to light in February of 2007

NON-EVE PLAYERS: the Sabre-class Interdictor is a destroyer-sized (small) ship designed to prevent ships within a certain radius from warping away, and while a useful ship overall, a single copy of its Blueprint is not nearly enough to have any significant impact economically or militarily. You cannot conquer systems with swarms of interdictors.

To claim that the dev in question had any real impact in BoB's conquests is unrealistic unless you subscribe to conspiracy theories with about as much evidence as the US government's orchestration of 9-11. Furthermore, if they depended on handouts to conquer and maintain space, how is it that they've been continuing to do so for the two years after these BPOs were removed from BoB's possession? Or do you simply fill that gaping plot hole with further conspiracy theories, claiming that they still somehow receive handouts from other developers?

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