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Journal ThePromenader's Journal: Reason vs. Subserviance

I'm worried about where this world is going - not for any event per se, but the trend that is visible between them - the trend that allowed them to happen in the first place. A lack of action, a lack of rationale, a lack of a sense of reality. In this technological world where information abounds, isn't this supposed to be an age of reason?

Reality is what you make of it based on your own knowledge and experience - there's no alternative to this. You are you. Yet today many would like to convince us that we "don't see it right" and provide their spun "explanations" as an alternative - this shouldn't even be given consideration if the base problem remains the same, but many swallow it wholesale, then - most importantly - move on, leaving the problem uncorrected between the hands of (or behind the backs of) the spinners.

Worse still, many seem to be HAPPY to remain thoughtless, biased, blindly supporting those who profess to "think better than they" - what is going on? Do they think themselves "privileged" in some way? Are they hoping for a "piece of the pie" that the horrible events engendered by their "masters" will generate? If it is Iraq we are talking about here, I think hardly anyone will get any real benefit at all - for now, their only "right" is to send their children to die for their own "right" to consume the stolen petrol sold to them by the same private companies that are imposing oil-driven cars. Hello? Elephant? Room?

Where is the rationale in all this?
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Reason vs. Subserviance

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