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Comment Re:Not sure how much "onslaught" there will be... (Score 1) 497

The ones that are currently out seem like the "get it to market, and cash in on the hype" and "me too" devices (Maybe except the archos branded ones, as they are primarily for music/video).

I hope that the notion ink adam does not fall into this category. From what I read it seems the developer is really thinking about making a good device, and not about when they can release it.

Comment Re:Explois and wikileaks (Score 2, Insightful) 289

Its actually not hard to read the entire exploit yourself from the site. Change your browsers useragent to an iPhone like string, and inspect the javascript on the page. i scoffed when i found the function that makes the url to the exploit file:

function get_page() {
        return model == null ? null : ("/_/" + model + "_" + firmware + ".pdf")

Comment Re:Not a virus (Score 2, Insightful) 289

They are not connected to the internet as much, and their bandwidth is not as great as most drone computers.
Also, using a phone as a zombie is going to be draining resources, and phones are built to process as little as possible to save battery.

They would be fantastic for data mining, and fraud, but as part of a botnet they just dont have the resources a good ol desktop has.

Comment Re:Also affects Flash developers (Score 1) 220

I delved into the development of flash once. Some things i know it can do over HTML5 are:

- Webcam/Microphone Integration
- Sockets (I believe a lot of games by Zynga maintain a constant connection to a server)
- Better handling of sound (On events, sound can be manipulated)

Also, Flash is a pretty Locked in environment. HTML 5 is still not widely supported in the aspects a game developer would need to make a robust and polished web game. Flash is made by one company and they are the overlords who control its development cycle. Its not a committee decision to add features.


Simpler "Hello World" Demonstrated In C 582

An anonymous reader writes "Wondering where all that bloat comes from, causing even the classic 'Hello world' to weigh in at 11 KB? An MIT programmer decided to make a Linux C program so simple, she could explain every byte of the assembly. She found that gcc was including libc even when you don't ask for it. The blog shows how to compile a much simpler 'Hello world,' using no libraries at all. This takes me back to the days of programming bare-metal on DOS!"

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