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Comment I hate Facebook (Score 1) 130

I use Reddit because Facebook is useless to me and I hate profile sites. All they're doing is attracting more idiots. You're going to see more Tumblr-like high school/middle school girly posts. A bunch of Big Bang Theory fans wanting to be nerds too, but not intelligent enough to reply to posts without trolling (some Slashdotters) or trying to start a discussion when I ask simple question. It's already bad enough. Also, this will completely break a lot of third party open source apps for Reddit, a lot of which haven't been updated in a few years. More code, more bugs, slower site, and the lighter web browsers probably won't load it anymore. I'm also really curious as to what kind of privacy agreement they've cooked up for it, given what a lot of people use Reddit for (it's not all cat pics and gifs) and who's the U.S. fearless leader right now. But, it will be all cat pics and gifs because people need to be "liked" and they'll have a profile to showcase it.

Comment John Deere, the iOS of farming (Score 2) 459

It's bad when you have to jailbreak your tractor. Then again, John Deere is just the Eacalade version of a Yukon in the tractor world; they're both the same under the hood. People often use collective pride to mask mass stupidity. "Proudly Made in the USA" I guess applies here. If this keeps up, Japan and Germany will just start making better products like they did in the 70s and 80s. Your parents called it junk, but it really wasn't.

Comment Re: Truecrypt.. (Score 1) 202

"VeraCrypt is a free disk encryption software brought to you by IDRIX ( and that is based on TrueCrypt 7.1a." -- It says "based on," but it has been around for a while now and nowhere near as vulnerable. Even the TrueCrypt (discontinued) creators say to use TrueCrypt ONLY to decrypt what you have so you can use something else.

Comment They're just justifying what they did to do more (Score 1) 57

They will be hunting for spies and terrorists while putting innocent people at risk only to find nothing or what we already knew about before the witch hunts. Kinda reminds me of what we did a decade ago, but it's cyber instead of sand and everyone is put at privacy and security risk. They'll find something stupid and make it a big deal to get the Wikileaks thing off their back.

Comment Re: Love to update the OS on my phone (Score 2) 143

Upgraded an iPad 2 to iOS 9. Big mistake. All "upgrading" does on iOS is insure that you'll have to buy the latest device after ever two iOS versions or you're stuck with a slow choppy device that may not even get software updates. I use the term upgrade for system and update for software. It's a Linux thing.

Comment Re: Should not be necessary. (Score 1) 88

It's not a matter of finding security issues, it's a matter of people knowing that 12.04 LTS works really well on older hardware and why upgrade if you don't need to. Most updates to software are eye candy related, most bugs are 64-bit related, and most vulnerabilities are focussed on the newer hardware. Also, 12.04 is much easier to create custom distros from. Though, I prefer SuseStudio/OpenSUSE.

Comment Sounds like a wonderful future (Score 1) 300

Though that's means when they're older and therefore forever locked as a "productive member of society," they won't know the difference between a fact or an advertisement, something that people struggle with now. The analystic lingual and literal skills our generation developed to separate the two will be gone. It'll be taught in elite colleges as an elective.

Comment Use a Tox client (Score 1) 456 Tox is open source, cross platform, free, and uses encryption and out of everything that's happened in the last few days, it hasn't been mentioned in Vault 7, as far as I know. There are apps for both desktops and mobile devices. You create a profile much the same way you create an OpenVPN config file. In other words, it can be shared across devices and isn't stored on a server. That profile, which stays on your computer/phone, contains information that's password protected regarding user info (user name and a profile pic if you want) when connecting to a Tox server. The Tox server only acts as a relay until it finds the person you want to talk to. Then, it's encrypted p2p. In most cases, it only works if both sides are running clients, much the same way as other instant messaging apps. Tox supports video or audio calling, text messaging, and file sharing. You can change your "availability." There is no phone number or "signup." The code used to act as a "phone number" is incredibly long and randomized. If someone contacts you via Tox, you either know them or you posted your Tox string online somewhere. Most clients support QR Code reading to make sharing contact info much easier. Be very careful though, Tox is also the same name given to a randsomewear designer on the dark web. They have nothing to do with each other and call me paranoid, but I suspect it was on purpose to scare people from something that works really well. I only say this because if you DuckDuckGo "Tox" by itself, bad stuff may or may not show up instead. Only people that care enough to use a Tox client are also probably the same kind of people that know what "randsomewear" is. Use the URL I gave at the beginning and you'll be fine.

Comment Re: Because most people already assume the worst (Score 1) 308

People just expect companies to fix the vulnerabilities while knowing that they're still going to be spied on regardless. People are social networking sheep now and it's become normal to have no privacy. And because it's a government intelligence agency and so forth, you can't hold anyone accountable, even if you could spinoff the fact that not reporting vulnerablities puts everyone at risk, regardless of the country origin. U.S. intelligence agencies aren't the only ones with this knowledge and it stands to reason Black Hats knew about them too. But, they gotta get results to justify the spending. Screw everyone else because there are about 16 or so agencies like them in the U.S. competing with each other. I think that there's talk of complete data sharing among all of them, but that's dangerous. They are like any IT firm, but more God complexed and evil. Maybe it's a stretch to say that, but "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." If they told people how to fix vulnerabilities or what system not to use (Window$ cough cough) risks putting them out of a job. And anyone better at it usually gets arrested at the first screw up, regardless of White Hat or not. Yet, the U.S. hires militia when they want to get things done under the radar all the time. Example: Black Water. When Cold War 2 starts and our infrastructure crumbles and our best "tools," aka "tech militia" are all in prison, "missing...dead..cough cough," or kicked out for being brown, maybe they'll rethink things, though I doubt it. Your average white collar will not take the time to learn to be proactive in computer defense. Just ain't gonna happen.

Comment Some tips everyone can do (Score 1) 202

prints out the tcp packets from eth0 in HEX or ASCII format. So, actual encrypted packets would look like garbage. prints an overview of system audit information, including failed login attempts. traces packets sent from start to finish. A LAN scanner would be good to have too just to see who's on the router. I used to use one to see if my RA was in the building or not. Mistake number one, naming your phone with your actual name or a name at all. Entering a " " actually prevents devices from seeing the phone when using it as a hotspot, so it may have other benefits. Or, just name everything the exact same and let the router assign numbers. They change every so often. Lynis (and Rkhunter) is an open source program built for finding Rootkits on Unix-based systems, ie. Linux and Mac. It also prints out suggestions from what it finds to harden your system. ClamAV is an open source virus scanner; unfortunately, it's front ends are deferent for different operating systems and makes it hard to tell if you're getting the real thing. You should also hide your network if you can. In other words, people driving by your house can't pick it up normally when scanning. I think Kali has tools to circumvent this, which brings me to next point. Kali is a Linux based distro that's been around for a really long time and is designed for ethical hacking and could be used to test your stuff out. Oh and, for the love of God, encrypt your Home directory. Linux has LUKS (SHA512), Mac (not sure) has FileVault, and Window$....not going to matter if running 10. You can also learn how to shred your files to prevent recovery. Emptying the trash doesn't do much good anymore. For Mac users, "srm" (secure file removal) command is built in even though they removed secure empty trash option for whatever reason. It wipes 35 times by default. Linux also has srm available, as well as "shred" built in with wipe number options. There are many others for Linux. Bleachbit for open source cleaning of caches is available for both Linux and Window$, and I think they've been working on a Mac version. And, it never hurts to wipe Swap and RAM every once in a while. Cover your webcam if you don't use it. Skype is a convenient trap. If you only need one-on-one calling, use a Tox client. It's encrypted and is available for just about everything, including phones, and supports video, vocal, text, and file sharing. It connects to a server like a switchboard and then it's all p2p from there. Only mentioning this because I read somewhere that Signal and Telegram where compromised. WhatsApp, the Facebook owned version, should of been a given. Duh. As far as web browsing is concerned, NoScript, Privacy Badger, HTTPS Everywhere, and uBlock Origin. Block and uninstall Flash if you can. Most things are HTML5/MP4 these days anyway. DO NOT USE CHROME. Google digitally fingerprints everyone. Chromium with a user agent spoofer addon is a good alternative. Firefox is still the best though. ;P Not everything mentioned is fool proof, but they are tools available to most OS's and people need to start being more proactive in their computing defense. You may not have anything to hide, but "probable cause" is incredibly vague these days, and it'll get worse because of this. if anyone is interested. I need to add more stuff.

Comment Depends (Score 1) 240

$100 or less, 2-4 GB of RAM, WiFi AND Ethernet, and AMD or x86 option. That's about the only way it will work. Otherwise, your better off building your own Raspberry Pi laptop. 7" touch screens for them are only ~$20-$30. The Pi is about $35. A keyboard with trackpad about $15. An ok web cam about $15. Power supply about $10. You could use a USB battery life extender to make it more "laptopish." They even have solar chargeable ones for $20 now.

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