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Comment Use a Tox client (Score 2) 59

A Tox client uses Tox servers to direct traffic and then I think it's p2p from there. The connections are encrypted and Tox clients are open source. Plus, it supports text, audio, and video calling, as well as file sharing. And after you create a profile, which stays on your desktop so no data stays on any server, you can share that profile to your other computers and devices with Tox clients and "sign in" that way. It's a lot like sharing an OpenVPN settings profile, but for Tox. Most clients have QR code support to because of the really long public address (kind of like PGP key) associated with sharing contact info. --

Comment Linux welcomes you (Score 1) 331

If you're a Window$ coder and jobless, I'm sure the Linux community would love to have you. Just make sure to wipe your feet before you come in. Tux doesn't like it when malware gets on the carpet. Contrary to popular belief, you can make money developing open source software. And I'm sure because it's Window$ developing it, it'll still be crap, just instead of clouds (computing) you'll have thunderstorms. Can you imagine a virus made by a super computer would do? Or, a computer that thinks and has complete Internet access with a bug? Jesus...And because it's cloud computing, the OS in question wounding matter because of universal standards. Our military used to use Linux a lot and not have everything networked, but now it seems only the Airforce and Navy care enough to not replace everything with Window$ 10. And then, you got Russia trying to go back to the way Soviets used to have their own computer formats. I don't blame them. I've said this before, and I'll say it again. AI's only true purpose is to destroy open source ideology by bypassing the need for decryption and backdoors and use digital fingerprinting instead. It is most certainly smart enough. The concept was originally coined and AI tests developed by Alan Turing (Turing Test). His original job in WW2 was decryption. AI was born from military necessity and will always be used (knowingly or not) to cripple privacy in the name of "national security," regardless of its developer. Open source is useless without freedom, privacy, and security, ergo Micro$oft's mission to destroy free and open source and Linux just got even easier. We will need all the help we can get.

Comment Facebook - AI - Tinder- ln -s Profile.dat /Faceboo (Score 1) 135

Only tech guys will get the subject line if it prints it all, but essentially Tinder is owned by Facebook and they just want an excuse to gather more data and control every aspect of your life. Same as usual. Honestly, it's like AI is the solution of choice to combat open source ideology. How does one combat something we can't put a backdoor in and uses modern or higher encryption methods? Looks like we need more data. Oh! I know! We shall build an AI and release it as if it is objective and highly advanced tech (insert skinny white collar with thin glasses). Then, use all the data no human can sift or sort through in a realistic time crunch to digitally fingerprint every human on the planet. But what about those I regions without computers or too old to turn one on? Well sill goose, we will just have to put smart cameras everywhere and use facial recognition and behavioral data collected to digitally fingerprint those guys. And as far as third world countries go, we at Facebook have a top notch team working on making sure the whole world has Internet. You know...out of the goodness of our hearts. (Bursts out laughing). And yes, these balloons and satellites will have cameras too. You can be in the poorest country in the world and still everyone has a cell phone.

Comment "Of course it can," says government (Score 1) 263

Oh THATS what happened to the emails. Global warming is bullshit, but those cosmic rays will getcha every time...yeah -_- Witness the birth of oncoming onslaught of pathetic excuses. Not doubting the logic at all, especially given how mass power outages have happened because of this, but I got feeling someone will do research near "HAARP" and, "Oh no...Why god why!...all well." Â\_(ãf)_/Â

Comment LibreOffice? (Score 3, Interesting) 121

It would be interesting to see if this security issue also affects LibreOffice on a Window$ system since it also opens docx files. Anyone know? I'm a Linux user (duh), but even I will admit to how much nicer M$ Office is. I like Apple's iWork stuff too, but having to save a document in a strictly Apple format to keep the cool stuff it'll do isn't work it vs. practicality. The day LibreOffice supports Google Drive out-of-the-box and has a mobile version, Office 365 doesn't have a chance. Also, something to note on Linux and LibreOffice, there are a whole bunch of command line cheats you can use with LibreOffice, so no GUI needed if you have enough patience. Type a doc with nano or pico and convert to a PDF with "soffice --headless --convert-to :" There's a lot more you can do with LibreOffice than you can M$ Office, but eye candy gets people every time.

Comment I love Pale Moon (Score 1) 225

Pale Moon is like Firefox before they put all the crap needed to please the eye candy, "64-bit is the best" morons. Remember when you clicked on Firefox and it only took and instant to open? Pale Moon. If your "state of the art" browser opens fast, one of a few things are happening: 1.) you're running it on a Mac and failed to realize closing a window and quitting an app aren't the same; 2.) you're running Chrome but forgot to take into account that it's Google (spy king) and they always have processes running for it regardless. Mac and Windows do this (check Activity Monitor); 3.) You aren't using any add-ons worth a flip or at all, especially those involving privacy and ads; 4). You're running Min or Midori but never need flash or anything more than the but in Adblock Midori has; or 5.) Your running Pale Moon. It's awesome and stays updated. The only downside is some builds for some systems have gstreamer built in and some don't. MP4 video works on all of them though. And if you need PDF.js (not included by default), go to the forum's Mac section and there's a link for an add-on that will install it. Actually, probably just search Pale Moon in the add-on browser and it'll show up, maybe. I run on Mac and Linux because Firefox is killing my MacBook with RAM and CPU usage and Pale Moon touches ~700MB when having a bunch of tabs open and video loading, which is at least half of what Firefox does. Is eye candy that important to people?

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