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Comment Fun apple tree fact (Score 1) 71

Apple trees don't breed true from seed. If you have a tree that produces nice-tasting apples, trees grown from its seeds are unlikely to produce nice-tasting apples. For that reason, apples are always propagated by cuttings. So why did Johnny plant apple seeds? Because you can use any old sour-tasting apple to make cider. That's right. Johhny Appleseed was a one-man booze promoter.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Why Do Vendors Stop Selling Old Vers ( 1

temcat writes: "Latest does not necessarily mean greatest, and the world of software is no exception to that. I am sure everybody on Slashdot can cite their favorite example of how the previous version of X was better than the new one. But why do vendors usually stop selling old versions of their software as soon as the latest version comes out? At least they could provide downgrade rights — in any case, they cannot lose on the total revenue. I can imagine three problems here:

- Some implied obligation to support the product. Does such a thing really exist in most places? Surely a vendor can refuse to support old versions in the EULA?

- Increased overhead due to having more SKUs. Is the cost increase that significant, especially for big corporations with wide product portfolios?

- New version release is implemented as a project; if this version does not sell, the project will not pay off, and management heads will roll. I see where the managerial interest lies, but what about shareholders? By not discouraging this tactic, they deprive themselves of vital market feedback about the quality of the new product.

What did I miss? Share your insights."

Submission + - 90% of Dice "tech jobs" are fake

hoapres writes: This has been posted over at the Dice discussion board.

90% of Dice job ads are fake.

The majority of the fake ads are due to "broadcasting". A "broadcast" is when multiple agencies are competing for the same job. If 10 agencies advertise on Dice for the same job then Dice counts this as 10 jobs.

Dice goes around and peddles the bogus job count claiming 84,XXX tech jobs when most likely less than 9,000 jobs actually exist.

Comment Re:Extremely unprofitable (Score 2, Insightful) 897

This isn't Europe, and you can't necessarily repeat the same things that work in Europe and expect them to work here also.

That's not correct. Parts of the US - especially in the north-east - are very much like Europe, and both heavy rail and light rail are viable in those areas. That's also where the bulk of the population lives.

You live in a very big and diverse country. Just because something won't work in rural Arizona or Nebraska doesn't mean it won't work anywhere else.

Comment Re:Right, because PayPal's better... (Score 2, Informative) 181

This was outlawed here in Australia a few years ago, so merchants are now free to charge a fee for credit card purchases (which some would call offering a discount for cash).

The main reason for doing this was to make the costs of buying by credit card transparent. Under the old system, credit card providers charged a fee to the merchant, but the fee was hidden from the consumer. The merchants had to absorb this cost by raising prices slightly across the board. That meant that the banks were effectively applying a small sales tax to nearly all retail sales. Estimates varied, but it was generally thought to be around 1% to 2%. It doesn't sound like much, but across every sale in the country, it's a huge amount.

Most big retailers continue to do this, but smaller retailers either have a mimimum amount for credit card purchases, or tack on a fee of around 3%.
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Journal Journal: Secret formula?

I have made a new batch of the improved Formula, but I suspect that it's too strong. I'm not sure what effect this may have.

I may have to test it on a "subject".

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Journal Journal: "This is required"

God, I'm tired.

Just waiting for Friday to end... must remember to sleep a lot over the weekend. That'll show 'em.

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