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Comment Re:It's getting hotter still! (Score 1) 635

Gain control? For what purpose? That sounds illogical. Before the 20th century, it was normal to throw the contents of chamber pots out the window, into the streets. Are you suggesting that by telling people they should not do that and instead investing in a proper infrastructure to handle the waste was done solely for gaining control of people’s lives? The way I see it, if this all bogus, we end up with cleaner air, less pollution and a better place to live. If it’s real, we did something about it. You win either way.

Comment Re:It's getting hotter still! (Score 1) 635

Isn't that true for everything? While at it, with all bias aside, I don’t get what is there to gain by reducing CO2 emission. If it’s all a "liberal" conspiracy, what are they trying to gain? Will they start charging for clean air? I can see what you get to gain by denying the problem exists but not the other way around. I can't see any logic in it.

Submission + - Former Microsoft Exec to Lead HealthCare.gov 2

Antipater writes: NBCNews reports that Kurt DelBene, former head of Microsoft's Office division, will take over operations of Healthcare.gov on Wednesday.

DelBene will replace Jeffrey Zients, who stepped in to lead the team fixing the health insurance website when it crashed and burned on its Oct. 1 launch. Zients is set to take over next month as senior White House economic adviser from Gene Sperling.

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