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Comment Re:Responsible application launching (Score 1) 149

What I find interesting is that Internet Explorer has, from the very beginning, had a little tab on its settings window to choose your preferred programs for the more common URI protocols like mail and news. So we've known for a long time that it is useful for browsers to be able to hand off non-http protocols to external programs, and that it's the sort of thing that a user might want to configure and customize themselves. How come these days it seems like all the management of that (in Windows at least) happens silently behind the scenes, and the user can't touch it without hacking the registry? Why hasn't the Programs tab of the Internet Options control panel evolved to a completely customizable list of protocol handlers, just the same as the one for file extensions? I haven't used Vista; does its infamous "allow or cancel" watchdog notify you of changes to your registered protocol handlers? It seems to me that the first step in dealing with these "browser flaws" is to bring this piece of the OS into the light and give the user control over it.

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