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Comment Re:We scientists must improve our reliability. (Score 1) 252

The saturated fat thing was started as a response to the big Malthusian freakout of the early 1970s. The science was settled, according to Paul Erlich, author of The Population Bomb, and many others, we were all going to starve to death. Something had to be done to convince people that eating meat was terribly unhealthy in order to save the planet. So what's in meat and not in a vegetarian diet? Saturated fat! So the science was constructed by Ancil Keyes with the end in mind and all the data points that didn't fit the narrative were dropped from his correlational studies and the guy who wrote "Pure White and Deadly" warning about the dangers of sugar consumption was blackballed. It's as simple as that.

Comment Perfected Central Planning! (Score 1) 131

Well if AI runs the investment universe and does a perfect job, isn't that central planning perfected? I mean that was always the problem wasn't it? Investment was risky and uncertain so investors had to compete and a single government entity couldn't do it. Now if AI does it then lovely, capital is allocated properly to the right companies who produce the best results with it. Great!

Comment The future's not all it's cracked up to be. (Score 1) 542

The future industry has gotten really bland lately and nobody can come up with any ideas because global warming ate the future. To have a vision of the future where there is not a for certain global warming apocalypse is considered politically incorrect. Thus, nobody can write anything interesting about the future that is not an eco-doom disaster movie remake. Also, the whole Snowden/NSA thing made any dystopian surveillance fantasy passe. I think there was even a sci-fi author who gave up on a book about a dystopian surveillance state because it was already here.

The last sci-fi things I liked was Dark Matter, kind of felt highly Serenity influenced. Incorporated was ok, but too much eco-doom and hyper violence.

Comment Re: FP! (Score 1) 63

I looked at struts2 back in my enterprise java days. There was way too much automagic driven by rails envy where it was doing very dynamic things magically based on the request. Lots of stuff where the request would become a very complex java object that would interact with automagic libraries to do dangerous things and you just had to trust their weren't any exploits. I decided to use json servlets and single page web app frameworks instead.

Comment Google is becoming evil... (Score 0) 101

Well they deindexed and now this. NaturalNews is full of a lot of bullshit, but some of it is legit health information and it's not Google's job to throw the whole site out, more than 100 thousand original articles, literally millions of hours of people's time because some of it is made up or hyperbole. What is the criteria they used for banning the site? Nobody knows! Did someone at Google say, "I don't like that site, kill it"? There's no transparency, so we'll never know. Now they are trying to pre-emptively filter comments that haven't even been reported as offensive!

I've been using Google since 1998 and that's the last straw. I give up. I'm using duckduckgo from now on.and going to look for alternatives to any Google products in the future.

Comment Re:Reading the paper. What is in an exponent?? (Score 1) 167

Ah dam. My unicode got munged by the slashdot anti garbage filter. Should have hit preview first!

Anyway the symbol I was referencing is a circular arrow pointing in a clockwise direction that looks like the images on this page: . I've never seen that in a paper. What does it mean when it's in an exponent?

Comment Re:The other side's best evidence (Score 0) 371

So what? I typed that in a hurry on my phone. If you would try and argue for once without resorting to ad hominem and other fallacies, you might actually learn something useful about an issue. Instead, you respond to people who don't agree with you by insulting them and don't gain any better understanding of anything.

Comment The other side's best evidence (Score 0) 371

A few years back I looked into global warming to find out if it was real. The thing that threw me off was that the vostok ice core data in the original 1999 report showed that CO2 ROSE AFTER the temperature went up and FELL AFTER the temperature went down. They fixed the data in the later reports to not show this relationship, but I knew something was screwy. Here's a good article on the evidence that NOAA is faking their data for political purposes:

The other thing that also is funny is that the answer to global warming is always a global carbon tax or cap and trade, which is essentially a new petrodollar since all carbon credits are payed for in dollars so the us government can buy unlimited carbon credits for its favored industry while other countries have to get our dollars somehow to be able to burn fossil fuels. It's a great way to run an empire and control Russia's power as a leading oil exporter. So I eee the reasons for letting all the useful idiots to believe all this stuff, but for us critical thinkers it's pretty obvious it's a ingenious scam.

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