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Comment Re:This is many separate issues (Score 2, Interesting) 127

i think you are missing the whole point. they are separate - classifying data is not the same as restricting access to it. they are two separate points.
they use .gov for government web sites and no one complains about that and it doesn't automatically imply censorship.
if someone blocks a domain you are not happy with then change ISP - there are always choices.

Comment This is many separate issues (Score 1) 127

do not confuse the issues.
1) .xxx is a proposed domain for adult themed websites - not appropriate for children and ppl of a sensitive disposition - there is nothing wrong with this, it makes sense and is NOT censorship.
2) filtering out certain websites at home or work is perfectly acceptable and is NOT censorship.
3) the government or other ruling bodies prohibiting access to any sort of website IS censorship and it depends on your country if this acceptable/legal or not.
whether or not to have a specific domain for specific content is NOT the same issue as web censorship. as many people point out it is already easy enough to filter out what you don't want.

Comment implant (Score 2, Insightful) 619

awesome - this is the first step towards automatic identification - soon we will have the RFID chip implanted under your skin so with one wave of your hand anyone can know everything about you!

i knew something like this would happen when immigration moved under the auspices of the Department of Fatherland Security.

and RFID is so much nicer than barcodes or numbers just written straight on the skin...

Comment Re:A Step Into the Dark Ages (Score 1) 1698

a lot of people would have no other alternative. like it or not, the majority of Americans are ill-educated and naive in family planning (there is no sex education in most schools) and therefore this is a needed option. whether you agree with it or not, for the people who will actually be affected by this, it is essential. and remember this plan is for everyone - not just you.

Comment A Step Into the Dark Ages (Score 5, Insightful) 1698

so health care reform bill has passed it first step - actually a move forward even if you dont like the bill, everyone (except the fat insurance companies) admitted that things had to change, and so this is a start. however, the amendment restricting abortion coverage is HUGE step backwards and another reminder just how much the lunatic Religious Right has taken hold in the US. Hopefully this does not force people into coat hangers and whiskey again. so close, but yet so far still to come.

Comment I still get a kick out of instant compilers! (Score 2, Interesting) 731

my first enterprise application was HAND WRITTEN on coding sheets and handed to a data entry operator who typed it in and i had to wait 3-5 days for a compilation report and code listing printouts. Needless to say the first report was mostly syntax errors (bad handwriting, smudges and data entry errors). Then i had to hand in modifications to be made on new sheets - these would only take a day or 2 to come back!

a few years later i worked on a PRIME mini and had to submit all C applications into a queue for compilation - sometimes 30 minutes but on high load days, it could take 8 hours - just to compile the damn code! again i pick up the results in the form of a printout.

but now, even to this day, i still get a huge kick out of compiling, building, linking (including generating and optimizing) 1 million+ lines of code right on my desktop in seconds.

Comment Sweden has worse criminals.... (Score 1) 1870

Librarians are "assisting making available copyrighted content" everyday. They actually give the original material to people to make their own copies from! And take their names and address! Incredible! They must be stopped now!

Everyone (under 60) who borrows a music CD (or nowadays a DVD) more than likely is going to rip it and it is fairly obvious to the Library that is what exactly why they are borrowing it, so just like the guys a PB the entire Library system in Sweden is guilty of the same crime.

It's always the quiet ones...

Comment Sirius over the Internet (Score 1) 368

I got Sirius to try when i bought my new car (which my wife now drives every day - go figure!) but i actually listen to Sirius online.

However, they called me last week and told me that from sometime in March they were going to start charging people EXTRA for the online service! How stupid can you get? Trying to charge people more for Internet radio?

I wonder if the dinosaurs had Sirius/XM's marketing department?

Comment Re:H1Bs are wrong (Score 1) 574

i think you are thinking of abuses of the H1B program.

as with any program there are people who take advantage of the situation and of other people and bend the rules, but that is not he general case that i have come across, or at least wasn't when i was on my H1B (from Scotland).

i knew doctors and physicists and other engineers etc, all of whom were highly skilled and well paid for moving to the US and it was not even close to the situation you describe.

However, i do see the trend to use the H1B to complement or as a an alternative to outsourcing by bringing cheap workers in IT from a specific country (or 2) to the US and treating them as you describe. This must not be taken as a general rule as to how the H1B program works and is handled.

I agree that this has to stop.

Comment Re:...because H1Bs are forms, not people (Score 1) 574

Screw the foreigners, send them home.

you do realise that America was founded on immigration? probably your great grandfather. and that immigration (a lot of it through H visas to Green Card to Citizenship) is what continues to help build the country?

without it, the US would country would be full of ignorant gits making comments like that. back to your cave.


Submission + - Impossibly Corrupt Emails

TheMonkeyhouse writes: "Not sure what to do about this one as i have NEVER seen anything like it before and by all accounts it should not happen...

Just sent an email to my mother in law with the kids Christmas list and she sent it back to me saying it had gotten "mixed up with another email to someone else she did not know"

Sure enough, there is was, right in the middle of my original email was lines from an email sent to someone else at the same ISP (! Neither email was complete but i could see the recipients email address of the other and some personal details (a phone number for example).

anyone any ideas how this could have happened? there is no way an email should become corrupt like this — i hope it is a one off but even then. obviously i am in touch with verizon and hope to hear back from them."

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