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Portables (Games)

PSVita Hacked, Native Homebrew Loader Coming Soon 50

Busshy writes "Since the release of the PSVita, sales for the portable console have struggled, particularly in Japan. There, the PSP was selling more units until this week, with the release of Hatsune Miku Project Diva F, which has seen PSVita sales quadruple. For the rest of the world, sales are still slow thanks to a dull selection of games. This could soon change, as Yifan Lu, coder of the Kindle Hack and PSX Xperia, has revealed he is now working on a native loader for the PSVita. Basically, it's a Userland Vita Loader for loading unsigned executables on your Vita — in other words, a Homebrew Loader for the PSVita. To calm Sony fears, he claims it is physically impossible to run 'backups' with the exploit. The exploit cannot decrypt or load retail games. At this time, the exploit is unreleased; naturally, he doesnt want Sony to fix it."

Comment What about promoting progress (Score 1) 110

This disturbs me in a number of ways...

Shouldn't a patent promote progress in some way... Apple is trying to involve NFC and make the whole gift giving experience a bit more interactive.

Wait, this really seems geared toward making sure that gifts that include DRM are going to work... um, really... Shouldn't DRM be fixed or removed if it's not doing what it should be... why do we need another patented technology just to make it work like it should in the first place.

I'm guilty of not reading through the entire patent and I'm no patent system expert, so I may just be off base here... Isn't this all existing techology? wouldn't that make this a business process... I thought business processes were not patent-able...

Comment Make sure you're asking the 'right questions' (Score 1) 203

I start with this question these days when I have an idea: How do I compete with someone offering the same/similar service without directly charging the users? techdirt readers will probably tell you this, regardless of whether or not you open source your framework: "if you can't compete with free* then you can't compete" Still good to go? ... once you are, then the questions like this: How can I benefit by using open source license for my project? How will I include the community in my project? If you're worried about commercial competition, then you might simply need to choose a more restrictive open source license (gpl 3) rather than a more open license (apache/mit); you might opt to dual license as well, so that you could have a revenue stream from your "competition".. You might check out https://www.insightcommunity.com/step2/ to get feedback on your startup project... I think you'll find it useful for posing these sorts of questions... I believe there are also some other resources that'll help you explore your business model choices.

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