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Comment Re:There is something to that... (Score 1) 501

A lot of university research labs use a high percentage of Macs. Labs I have personally seen (couple dozen easily) usually have a ~80% (macs) /20% (pc) split. A lot of reasons they use them is the lack of issues PC's bring with them. My wife's lab is 90% macs and the only PC machines she has are the ones that came scientific equipment she bought because some vendors don't develop for macs.

I have seen a lot of PCs hooked up to scientific equipment go down because a windows update failed, anti-virus software causing problems, etc. making those machines (some of them $1M+) be completely useless for long periods of time. In fact I have NEVER seen a scientific piece of equipment down that was run by a mac because the mac itself had issues.

So yes macs cost more only if compared to a single point of time. The hidden/soft costs of PC's come up in the medium/longer run.

Also why did Grandma need the 2500 version of the iMac? You can buy one for $1100. Unless grandma was hardcore into games or data processing?

Comment Re:Doesn't surprise me (Score 1) 58

That's why I think that a fair amount of money that Kim Dotcom's Megaupload made was legit.

>99% of those people who wanted free stuff wouldn't have paid him. And they might even be running ad blockers. In contrast I can imagine employees of organizations signing up for paid accounts to transfer large files to customers. I used it to transfer large (legit) files. Didn't go for the paid account- the downloaders could wait - wasn't a business thing. If I needed it for business I might have expensed it.

Comment Can't Use Google Allo As Default SMS App (Score 1) 98

What is Google thinking? Google Allo cannot be used as a default SMS app. If a text message is sent from Allo to a non-Allo user, the recipient would get a relay message asking him or her to join Allo. Google now has Hangouts (which can be used as a default SMS app), Allo (?), Duo (video messaging), Voice (?), and Messenger. What is the need for these apps?!

Comment I must politely disagree (Score 2) 273

Facebook is not fascist--it is a software tool that can and does empower personal expressions of fascism through easy-to-use filters that reinforce and promote one's personal echo chamber. It can also do the opposite and tear down all the walls of the echo chamber, and turn into a panopticon that provides the viewer with as vast a display of the various facets of humanity as possible. The latter is how I've constructed my FB feed and it's akin to a Charles Stross novel (after he's gone and jacked himself up on coffee). It's exhilarating and mind opening--and guarantees I won't ever be trapped by my own biases.

Comment Re: What liberal arts actually means (Score 2) 420

The Liberal Arts are originally those pursuits (arts) deemed worthy of a late-Roman free (hence Liberal) man. Taken up in the nineteenth century, the idea is applied to free citizens in a free society (and some skools run by abolitionists were very aggressive in their application of the ideal). The 6th-century codification of the liberal arts that formed the original "undergraduate" curriculum at the first universities was: Trivium: grammar, rhetoric, and logic Quadrivium: arithmetic, geometry, music, astronomy To which they added Physics and Metaphysics So, yeah, it was all what they called "philosophy" Engineering? That's for slaves. In short, a Liberal Arts degree is by definition not a degree for a career, but someone with a Liberal Arts degree has the critical skills and interests to be a valuable asset. The rest you'd have to train anyway.

Comment Society has evolved to punish the "dumb" (Score 1) 399

And the "dumb" are attempting to compensate and failing. I've seen a similar phenomenon amongst my FB acquaintances and friends, particularly those who aren't technically minded or have an advanced education (vocational or college). Every single one of them is either a Trump or Bernie supporter and makes outlandish claims based on FB memes from propaganda sites that carefully edit actual news to fit the narrative being sold. When I point this out, I end up shaming said person (no matter how I phrase it, telling these people that they are proveably wrong doesn't go well) and they only harden their stance. It took me a while to realize this is bigger than Trump or closed borders, this is humanity purging it's less efficient and effective due to innovation, and they are fighting against extinction as best they can.

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