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Comment Re:Private Offices (Score 3, Insightful) 360

I disagree. I think members of the same team should be located together, rather than isolated in private offices. That way, if you need to bounce an idea off of a teammate, all you need to do is to turn around and talk, rather than having to get up and look for them.

The best teams I've been on worked pretty closely with each other, and often identified bad ideas before they got too far.

Comment Re:the kindles biggest competition (Score 2) 88

Because I live in a townhouse and I have a limited amount of room for stuff. Books take up a tremendous amount of space. Digital books help fight the clutter. Also, when I travel, all I need is to carry one slim device rather than multiple books which also take up space.

As for price, I rarely buy books from Amazon for full price. There are many sources for cheap/free books out there that I am not going to have a strong need to spend a lot for books for a long time.

Comment Re:Wrongfully imprisoned people get far less (Score 1) 236

Andrews cried crocodile tears on the stand, but how believable is that considering she apparently has no problem continuing to be on TV (new contract, even!)? She's only on TV because of her sex appeal to male sports fans and her entire career since high school has been based around being basically an eye candy accessory (being a cheerleader in high school and college). If anything, her complaint boils down to overexposure, and whatever loss of her allure occurs because now we've seen her naked. She wasn't even caught do anything of the embarrassing "fappening" poses, either, just walking around her hotel room.

I think you inadvertently validated what Erin Andrews' lawsuit was about. She doesn't want to be seen as a sex symbol, but as a sports reporter. As for being seen on TV, well that's her job. Then there was the fact her privacy was violated, which was the same with Hulk Hogan.

Comment Re:Eventually... But not yet (Score 1) 406

This is mostly a legacy reason, because many places have VGA cables hardwired to wherever the projector is. It is more a statement with how long it has been a standard rather than if it is truly necessary anymore. Eventually, there will be movement away from that.

As for wireless being the next standard, I think we are a ways from having that. Hell, most of our networks are still wired, and probably will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

Comment Re:I'm fine with this... (Score 1) 89

This system from T-Mobile has a different incentive structure behind it though based on what I heard. Netflix and Hulu are NOT paying T-Mobile, they are just cooperating to make sure their data is not counted against T-Mobile's customer's data usage caps, which increases the value of all three companies services. T-Mobile has an incentive to offer this deal to any web-service that is well known and desirable enough to their end-users that offering access without a data cap improves the apparent value of T-Mobiles service.

And therein lies the rub. T-Mobile decides which services qualify exemption from data caps, which violates the principles of net neutrality. For example, if I have a server set up somewhere to stream video for my own personal use, would that be exempt from data caps? Unlikely, because who the hell am I? Yes, I can also see a future where an up-and-coming service might not qualify. All traffic should be treated equally by the ISP. If T-Mobile thinks it can handle the additional traffic, they should raise data caps. BTW, I am a T-Mobile customer.

Comment My equipment (Score 1) 169

For music, I use a SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip with Rockbox installed. I've used SanDisk players for years, and they are great for running. It has the advantage of being small, long battery life, good storage (8GB, but with a micro SD card slot for a lot more music) and cheap.

For marathons, I recommend a watch to help keep your pace and to keep track of your progress. The Timex Ironman watches are pretty solid. I haven't felt the need to have additional features than what it offers.

Not a big fan of carrying phones with me, since they are bulky. I'd rather have as little on me as possible when running.

Comment Re:Missing the point (Score 1) 130

While I'd agree with you that having a CS degree isn't required for many jobs in IT, there are plenty of companies who are stuck on requiring a BS or BA degree of some sort to even consider you. So, not having that will limit you somewhat.

I also know having a CS degree alone won't get you jack. You will need some skills beyond the degree to get a job. Then again, the point of a CS degree isn't to train you for a job in the IT field, but to give you the foundation and understanding about how things work with computers, OSs and algorithms, which can help give you a greater understanding on how things work and make learning some concepts easier.

I'd never demean someone for not having a CS degree, since I've known many talented and skilled people without one. That being said, I also know the value of what you learn with a CS degree, and I know that it is more than just a sheet of paper.

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