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Comment Re: Mind bogglingly complecated co-processing (Score 1) 205

Mass numbers of computations are used in numerical weather prediction for one thing - and NWP is what allows forecasters to be come more accurate about severe storms, hurricane track and intensification, etcetera. The models already operate on massively parallel machines - but faster machines or less latency will allow them to forecast for smaller grids, improving accuracy, and if they run faster, they can be run more times per day which also helps forecasts adjust to changing conditions.

Submission + - Can I get an app to start at Android startup (on a tablet) without rooting it?

TheLoneGundam writes: Being a mainframe tech-head, I haven't really had time to look deeply into Android. I want to create a "single-use" tablet to basically run Kodi/XBMC or WinAmp on an Android tablet, paired with a Bluetooth speaker, as my living room music machine. Is it possible to have an app start immediately after Android starts up? I remember, from running "Linux on z", that Linux has an 'init" file for stuff like that (I think) and I'm told Android has Linux roots, so....

Comment Re:Beaches (Score 1) 53

Yes, I believe you _can_ get a lot of the raw data via NOAA's site, it is I believe free for US citizens since we already paid for it through funding NOAA. Maybe you can use Google's new algorithm for detecting 100,000 features in an image on a single computer to make the model run on you desktop in usable time - remember, as one of the NOAA sites quotes a scientist: if your model doesn't run in faster than real time, you might as well just swivel your chair to look out the window (assuming I'm not being an insensitive clod who doesn't pay attention to the fact that you don't have a window).

Comment Compiler numerical innacuracies (Score 1) 641

Once saw a FORTRAN compiler change cause _slightly_ different numerical results in a bridge engineering program. They did some work to verify that bridges built using the program compiled under the previous version of the compiler were structurally sound but that was the most fearful thing I could think of, that numerical inaccuracies in what the compiler generates could cause an engineering failure that could cause loss of life.

Comment Re:Nothing does (Score 2) 276

COBOL, which is compiled, doesn't need another language to run. It does, in many implementations, require a run-time library to supply common functions which are called by the compiled code - for example, the DISPLAY verb may be implemented as a common subroutine. On IBM mainframes, the run-time library support for many languages is provided by the Language Environment product.

Comment Performance reports (Score 1) 519

Maybe it's just my mainframe background, and maybe I haven't searched hard enough, but I don't see in the laptop/desktop/server enviroment a lot of detailed presentations of performance issues, how they were diagnosed, and how they were solved. I see them very occasionally. Is there a lack of good performance recording (and I mean recording for analysis after the fact, not real-time monitoring) tools, or is it just that purchasing faster hardware components has probably become cheaper than spending time diagnosing the issues?

Comment What people overlook about Ala Carte (Score 1) 614

Ala carte channels would be governed by the law of supply and demand; so if you and five of your friends are the only ones who want to watch "The Channel That Shows Video from Alt.Plan9.OS.Demos" the price is going to be pretty high. None of the ala carte proposals I've ever seen say that the channel provider has to make those channels cheap.

Comment Re:Are they on some older software that can't hand (Score 1) 91

"X-Wait" doesn't mean it's never coming back... if you notice it, it means that response time is slower than you expect but it still might come back. Many mainframe block-mode terminals and application "servers" like CICS (CICS is most analogous to Tomcat though the comparison isn't exact) "lock" the terminal until the transaction response is produced, to keep people from entering hundreds of transactions in a row and losing track of which response goes with which transaction. So, if a transaction is delayed for some reason, your terminal is still "locked". Impatient people don't like the situation, reset the terminal emulator, and enter the transaction again - but the only effect of that is to throw away the result of the first transaction when CICS goes to send it (because the terminal session was lost) and put your transaction at the back of the queue. That's not to say that things _never_ get hung up in the locked state, of course there are failures where the response never comes back, but it's good to pick some amount of time (30 seconds, 1 minute) to wait before going through the "throw it away and start over" process.

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