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Comment Physics Software Programming (Score 2, Insightful) 609

I write a lot of software for experimental physics applications, statistics is absolutely vital for data analysis software... Calc is essential for PID control methods as well. It really depends on what you want to do, but having higher level math skills will make you a better programmer in the long run.

Comment Re:If you can dream it you can Doom it. (Score 1) 161

Ha ha you're correct... I don't hang out enough at the coffee shop enough to be considered an "apple user" though. But from an ASIC design standpoint (when it first came out) it was pretty impressive what the iPhone could do -- I'm looking forward to seeing how the open nature of google will change the mobile device industry. I feel like the older games that people are porting over to mobile devices are popping out now because it presents software developers an interesting but achievable challenge... limited graphics, cache, memory, drive space, etc. There does not seem to be much seriousness in the whole process.

Comment Take my privacy (please). (Score 1) 316

"Restraints on governmental power have their pros and cons, and many people who are targeted by government investigations really are evil."

The argument is already flawed, assuming that mostly evil people will be targeted. Now we have another loophole to be exploited. This is yet another example of the bastardization of our legal system.

"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." -- Benjamin Franklin

Comment Quantum Hard Drives (Score 1) 444

Yes, this is as cool as it sounds! Along with the implementation of the quantum computer (which have been speculated to crack pretty much every encryption algorithm known, because it's capable of sending every possible answer at the same time), the implementation of the Quantum hard drive has been explored. Different orientations of spin give 1's and 0's as well as both 1&2 spin (superposition factor). These properties could be used to create very dense and stable hard drives. Someday our HDD's will be the tape drives of today!

Comment This is just a slash article... (Score 1) 452

The $8 billion of the project money that has already been spent has gone towards research and development... which is the most expensive part of a project like this. The other reason why this is a slash article, is because of the technology that comes from the research and development... velcro, your 7 hour laptop battery, GPS, satellite television, efficiency improvements in solar panels just to name a few. Plenty of good will come of this trip if we see it through, not only the US, but the rest of the world... were all human here aren't we?

Submission + - NASA GEMS X-Ray Polarization Detection Satellite (

TheLeopardsAreComing writes: "NASA's GEMS (Gravity and Extreme Magnetism Small Explorer) is set to launch in 2014. The satellite will measure the polarization of X-rays coming from black holes and other objects in space such as Neutron stars. It will be 100 times more sensitive than any previous X-Ray detectors. This is a very open field considering the only polarized X-Ray source measured to date is the Crab nebula."

Comment The German's are doing it. (Score 1) 582

I remember hearing about this thinking, "Does this actually work?". Many historians seem to think that If they had this earlier it could have changed the tide of the war... Still, what fool in a wooden plane would mess with the P-51 Mustang? Nobody, thats who. Very cool that had stealth technology... even if it was in its infancy.

Comment Dying News = Skewed News (Score 1) 280

The trend here seems to be that Nokia and Cisco are the ones to blame. If you ask me this sounds like more bad news from a dying news source trying to get one last whiff of the limelight. They are all scared of social networking sites because they have millions of eyes and ears... most of which are not tethered to some political agenda.

Comment Maybe we'll get a chance to see this happen! (Score 4, Interesting) 166

Well unfortunately you cannot tell very much about what happens in this system ( wether it is a binary system or not) by what is happening with the light. You would have to look at the x-ray spectrum to be able to measure the kind of energies in the system. Chandra observatory is the best we can do at the moment... but it seems they still like to measure things in Crabs! But in the mean time, this would be cool to get some photo's of this happening!

Comment GET A MAGNET! (Score 1) 369

It's amazing to me in this day and age that highly sensitive information is leaked via old hard drives. My understanding is this: a.) you have highly sensitive information on a hard drive b.) you thoroughly destroy the disk( magneto, powerful magnet, baseball bat) c.) you check to see if the information was destroyed d.) ? e.) PROFITS If this is not done, some sneaky cheeser is going to find a way to get your info. -- this does not include intentional leaking of info

Comment Rupert is doing some good. (Score 1) 453

I see many comments about charging for a service that is already free... like he said: "he strives to fix a 'malfunctioning' business model". After all they are businesses like any other, and ad space doesn't always make ends meet these days. I would love to have a free newspaper to read in the morning, but not at the cost of thousands of peoples jobs.

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