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Comment Re:If you make this a proof of God... (Score 2) 612

Because I am stick of hearing the "how can something come from nothing" argument from creationists. Whether or not something could come from nothing has nothing to do if there is a god or not and proving it can does not prove there is a god. Any rational person can see this, but I would never accuse a creationist of being rational.

Sounds like you need some cheese....

Comment Re:See My Movie (Score 1) 1448

I'm going.

I don't give two squirts about what Card does in his personal time nor what he does with money he earns from writing books or making movies. I give him money when I'm entertained by his books...the transaction is completed at that time and I no longer want to have a say in how he spends said money. We'd have a pretty exhausting existence if everyone who paid money to someone for a service or product wanted to dictate how it was spent.

I loved the book and I will most likely love the movie.

Comment Re:Once again, no Opera (Score 1) 183

They're switching to a modified version of webkit for rendering and using the V8 javascript engine. A browser is much more than just a tool for rendering and a javascript engine and this is the only thing they're sucking in from Chrome.

Just the same, the current version uses Presto...and that's the one that pwn2own could check out right now...and they haven't every tried Opera in the history of pwn2own. It'd be great if they gave it a parting shot.

Comment Once again, no Opera (Score 5, Interesting) 183

Once again, pwn2own ignores the Opera web browser. This makes me sad...I recently switched exclusively to Opera after toying around with it for almost 10 years now. I've been completely happy since. I will say this, Opera takes security more seriously than any other browser out there...just an example is when the Certificate Authority hack came into play in 2011...All other browsers were twisting their knickers but Opera just yawned and said:

Browsers that do not have protection against blocked revocation lists will need to rapidly issue an update to fix any new certificate abuse. In Opera, users are protected automatically when the certificate is revoked. If the CA has a general problem, or a CA is no longer being used, we can remove it from our list of trusted CAs behind the scenes, and the user will also be secure, without needing to change anything in her browser.

This was the default setting in opera.

In my opinion, Opera has my interests at the forefront when it comes to security. Whether or not that would translate to being more resistant to hacking attempts at pwn2own, I have no idea...but I really wish they'd give it a go one of these years just to see.

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