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Journal Journal: femels 1

why do femels need to be so confusing?
they need a manual. and i'm not talking like a "for dummies" book.
i need somthing like a software manual.
i dont even need full documentation, just a syntax lexicon for reference.
(any programmer understands what those words mean)

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Journal Journal: website

hey yeah, i never posted that we have a fully functioning website now.

infact we have 4 artists now.
bdj, me, scott and monky.

and a very livly forum

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Journal Journal: hey, we're live

so, i finally got off my ass and made a website.
a realone, web hosting and domanin name and all.
one i(we) put stuff up, i'll let everyone(if there is anyone) know

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Journal Journal:

while reading an anti-popup/spam site, i came across this link

they offer this link
and some text telling how it will block they're ads for 30 days.
so i clicked it, whent a checked my cookies, and whammo!
a cookie was created for, that expires in 30 days.

notice the DAY=30 in the url?

i wondered if they used that...
so, i made this link
(note 1460 = 365*4 = 4 years)
ran it (well went to in in a browser) and checked cookies again...
hey a cookie that expires IN 4 YEARS for

so use it before they get smart and code the days into the cgi script,
or not do this all together.


p.s. for those who were wondering, the PAGE= is just for where to send you when the cgi is done
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Journal Journal: Sitting

Hey all, just sitting here, nothing to do.

i'm not sure if anyone reads thses, but hi.

i'm gonna update the simp code soon (like today) cuz they did go to a 6:00 and 6:30 schedule AGAIN.
also cuz the y2k2 bug is no longer an issue.
and cuz i havent put new db entrys up in weeks.

wish me luck on my new anventure in being a artist, wiht my (sorta) creation, Fuzzy. i'll probly post a link here to them soon. damn you jason.

what else...

kicked ass in art class with last two projects.
found a new girl to drool over/about.
and no laura, not you.
maybe more about that later.

well, cutting class is very time consuming and this period is almost over, so...

-Chris "Fuzzy" Stafford
-The Original Fuzzy

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