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Comment feel the tug upon your wallet (Score 1) 403

I was wondering how long it would take Adobe to adopt The Steve's model of attaching your industry as a leech to gullible consumers. The Adobe PR machine and its shills will spin this a dozen different ways to make it sound like you're getting a great bargain, but the reality is that if you use this software on a daily basis, you're going to be paying for it on a daily basis from now until the end of time. This is undoubtedly a response to sagging overall sales of what are now rather stale and grossly overpriced products, much as Microsoft has discovered with Office. When was the last time Photoshop got a real upgrade? And don't you love how they keep crippling Lightroom to make sure you have to own Photoshop if you want to do any real image processing? Lightroom arguably has the better UI, but they're not about to port that to Photoshop and cut out the chance of yet another subscription. I honestly don't see a lot of innovation going on at Adobe. Let's hope the Gimp gets to be a little more user-friendly and then we can all ditch Photoshop forever. What a good riddance that would be.

Comment +1 what the others said, and my two cents worth (Score 5, Insightful) 842

Lots of great stuff here already, but as a corporate executive in charge of R&D, I'll put in my additional two cents worth... The first rule of business: don't take it personally. It isn't all fun and games. You're not there to make friends or have fun - you're there to do a job. Yes, ideally, on the whole, you should enjoy it - if not, you're in the wrong line of work; but there will be times that the job sucks ass no matter where you work. There will be assholes that rip on you, rightly or wrongly. Don't take it personally. Keep your spirits up and focus on the work at hand. This will get you way ahead of the rest of the crowd. Act as though time is of the essence - it is. You'll be amazed at how quickly you go from being a green kid out of college to being an old geezer like me. Don't waste your time on piddly bullshit. Work your ass off at all times - not for the company's sake, but for yours. Your life is ticking away by the minute - the only reason it doesn't seem that way is because you are young. Youth is wasted on the young - the sooner you understand why, the better off you'll be. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Take on the hardest work you can handle, then ask for something even harder. You don't grow by taking it easy; strength comes from adversity, not comfort. If you're comfortable, you're dead. Ask for help when you need it - there is no shame in admitting that one is in way over one's head; real achievers always are. Good luck!

Comment Same Old Song & Dance (Score 5, Informative) 44

For those of you not wanting to endure E-Weak's spam, a better summary can be found here: http://www.publicknowledge.org/node/707 This group of scam artists has been around the wireless industry for ages, and what a great way to steal. Take something the government already owns and sell it back to them. What will they think of next?

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