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Comment Re: Wait, dolphins? (Score 5, Informative) 112

They operate as part of the US Navy Marine Mammal Program In the early days of the program, various marine mammal species were considered including: killer whales, pilot whales, belugas (white whales), Steller sea lions, grey seals and fur seals. Other animals were used in various studies pertaining to locating personnel from downed aircraft and creating effective shark deterrents to protect them until they could be rescued.

Comment Re:The Navy? (Score 1) 490

The thought behind the weld was simple. He asked experts if their sons were on board would they rather have a gasket design function 100% guaranteed or have a weld there to back it. The result was both, the belt and suspenders approach. Yes it makes it more difficult. Yes you have to reweld. But like he said, it's our sons, I'd prefer we had some redundancy. As far as surface vessels go, who knows, we may go back to nuke powered destroyers loaded up with electronic weapons.

Comment Re:WHAT! (Score 1) 385

The difference being that the Tritium in luminous devices is contained

Until I trip on the ice in front of a big box store, break the watch open and sue the both the manufacturer of the watch for using Tritium and the big box store for having unsafe practices in regards to ice that could cause both personal injury and environmental concerns in the form of Tritium leaks. The irony of course being that nuclear power plants (which produce tritium as a by product) and big box stores are both things that most Americans don't want in their back yard.

The tritium at Vermont Yankee was contained as well... until it wasn't anymore. But I do agree that they should have to clean it up and pay the price. The generl public does need more confidence in nuclear.

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