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Comment Re:Epic said there was going to be a Linux client. (Score 1) 90

A little background? At least game name? I'm interested, though unaffected (i only run linux headless)

He's talking about the Unreal Tournament 3 linux port that was going on for years. They even released screenshots but eventually canceled the project after years without having anything released.

However you should consider that both Postal 1 and Postal 2 (which ran on Unreal Tech) have been released with native linux support (client + server side), so have a little faith :)

Comment Re:I get it, but it ain't there yet... (Score 1) 49

Wake when my TV can figure out what I want to watch and puts it on before my ass hits the couch.

Actually I wrote something similiar like this 2 years ago when I was still watching regular TV (as in Zapping through the channels).

Basically you pressed a button which triggers a script running on a nslu2 slug, which then gets a list of everything that is currently on TV (RSS Feed from the internet) and then filters it down based on some rules you specified.

First it tried to find TV Shows like Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad etc. if nothing was found it filtered the running movies by starting time (so you don't end up with a movie that almost over), and a number of genres (i.e. action/horror/drama) and imdb ratings (must be above 6.5) usually resulting in something I would be interested in watching.

Finally it switched the channel by sending an IR signal using an USB IR Transmitter.

Comment Hmm sounds familiar (Score 1) 169

I remember using things like this about 10 years ago on my pocket pc, where instead of entering a pin to unlock it, you would have to press specific points on a picture of your choice (in the correct order of course). So the concept isn't that new, I was actually quite fond of the idea back then.

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