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Comment Re:More proof (Score 1) 415

Asian and middle eastern cultures value engineering and think of it as a prestigious career; black and Hispanic cultures simply do not.

A more likely explanation is that they have teachers who think exactly like you do, and that is why black and hispanic children are treated differently. Sometimes it's conscious decisions adults around them make, sometimes it's subconscious, but if they are thinking like you, it's pretty evident that they will be treated differently than their asian, middle eastern and white peers.

Comment Re:More proof (Score 1) 415

This problem is pretty complex. It's not as simple as "Johnny didn't get a CS degree" you have to go back further and find out if Johnny was ever put on a path where he could have received a CS degree. Sure he may have attended the same elementary, Jr. High and High School as some children who did eventually get CS degrees, but even within the same school their paths may have been laid out differently due to expectations by the adults they came into contact with. Perhaps Johnny was exceptionally tall, and he was encouraged to spend all of his time playing basketball rather than study math. Every year that went by the possibility that Johnny could successfully enter a math intensive program like a CS program in college became more unlikely, even if it would have been something he'd have done well at had he received the same preparation as the kids who were encouraged to study math rather than perfecting throwing balls into a net.

Comment Combat Apple Pay? (Score 1) 186

Combat Apple Pay? To what end? Either you have an Android phone or an Apple phone. They aren't competition for each other, in fact, they can help each other out by increasing the userbase to a point where NFC payments are demanded by consumers at all locations.

P.S. those who talk about speed being an issue, if you've ever used Apple Pay it is by far the fastest payment method (about 3-5 seconds tops.)

Comment The author is this character. (Score 1) 561

So, I looked up the author of this particular book, and it appears she lives in San Francisco, and used to work for Microsoft doing exactly the type of work (software product design) that Barbie was doing in the book. I suspect the author wrote a book called "Barbie: I can be a Software Designer" but that the editor, being clueless about job titles in the software industry, decided to change the name to something more marketable. After all, authors aren't the ones who name their books, the marketing team/editors do.

Comment Re:Silly (Score 1) 764

Coming out is actually one of the strategies gays and lesbians have used to achieve legal equality, and social acceptance.

It is "proud" as in the opposite of "ashamed.

The Stonewall riots in NYC is often marked as the beginning of the gay civil rights movement It took place in 1969, a mere 7 years after this documentary film titled "Boys Beware" about the dangers of homosexuals lurking in your midst.

That film contains the line: "What Jimmy didn't know was that Ralph was sick, a sickness that was not visible like small pox, but no less dangerous and contagious, a sickness of the mind, you see, Ralph was a homosexual."

You could tell lies like that in 1961 because people who were gay didn't come out, nobody thought they knew any gay people, today though it is unlikely that you could make that claim, especially if you live in a city. Gays are everywhere, and it is that visibility that has made it impossible for the right to continue falsely claiming that gays are mentally ill child rapists.

Things have changed a lot, and "proud" may eventually go into the dustbin as more and more people feel they have achieved equality.

Comment Re:Colors of computer science (Score 1) 612

I suspect part of the reason why women, Latino-Americans and African-Americans aren't well represented in the science classrooms is because of an over subscription by women, Latino-Americans, and African-Americans to sociology majors like women's studies, Chicano/Latin-American Studies and African-American studies. While these are completely legitimate courses of study, I suspect they are leading women, Latino-Americans and Afirican-Americans away from the more employment friendly science majors.

Comment Re:three responses (Score 2) 562

[IANAL:] Unfortunately you're wrong about this. In Caballes v. Illinois the Supreme Court found that a dog can be run around any vehicle during a traffic stop. If the dog signals, the officer then has probably cause to search a vehicle. The only limitation on this is that if the dog is not on the scene at the time of the stop, that the stop cannot be prolonged to wait for the dog to arrive. They can only hold you for as long as it would reasonably take to conduct the business of a traffic stop.

Submission + - Why You Shouldn't Buy An UHD 4K TV This Year (

Lucas123 writes: While it's tempting to upgrade your flatscreen to the latest technology, industry analysts say UHD TVs are still no bargain with top brand names selling 65-in models for $5,000 or more. And, even though 4K TVs offer four times the resolution of today's 1080p HDTVs, there are no standards today for how many frames per second should be used in broadcasting media. Additionally, while there's plenty of content being produced for UHDs, little has been made available. "You can get more for your dollar going with a good LED HDTV from a top brand," said Veronica Thayer, an analyst with IHS Research. "They're coming out with great prices for this holiday season."

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