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Comment Re:Simultaneity problem with that comet (Score 1) 159

Clearly some of the sun-dewllers, sunnians, (we really should come up with a proper name to ease their take over of the planet) panicked when they saw the coment and sent their only child to earth to live amongst our people as a beacon of hope... unfortunately it will just smash into magentosphere and disrupt gps and direct tv.

Comment Re:How many knew that it was a global release? (Score 1) 443

I thought that I heard that it also had a record high number of viewers watching the live episode as well. So what's the big deal if the normal viewers increased 2x and then pirated viewers increased 2x then it pretty much scaled evenly. If in fact the normal viewers increased by a larger amount than then pirated ones then I would say that's still a success even if the pirated numbers did in fact increase, and of course add in the "no one knew" piece and you'll have to get a few episodes worth of data to make a legitimate claim either way.

Comment Re:A couple of math points (Score 1) 473

So why are we not harvesting lightning bolts and getting jigawatts of electricity? Oh well i suppose this may be more viable as the climates crash and superstorms become more prevailent. Honestly though the power is there naturally wonder why we are looking at ways to contain it, that would be a nice 0 carbon emission solution. Of course i'm sure there would be the some cataclysmic side effect.

Comment Looking at the postcard (Score 2) 220

While some of the comments may not be the best thing in a political arena, there's a lot worse things that I have seen people say or post out in the wild. Also points down for the other candidates advertising committee for stating DPS stands for deaths per second. If you are going to criticize someone on their comments at least know what they are referring to.

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