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Comment Re:What a pleasant experience! (Score 1) 569

- My designer argues with me. 99Designs contestants listen to my needs and come back with modified work that addresses them.

You sound like the worst client in the world. You pay a real designer for their expertise, not their button pushing ability. They will tell you "no, seriously, setting things in 8pt knockout sans-serif is a bad idea." If they don't tell you that, that's them ripping you off, not "serving your needs." A designer who doesn't argue with you isn't worth having.

Bottom line: I don't think your designer will miss you.

PS: Your original designer was right about Photoshop. Transparent "punch outs" with anti-aliased edges. That's a Photoshop job. Sure, you CAN do it Illustrator, but you're going to have problems printing that, and even if you do, your printer will hate you for crashing his platesetter. If it's screen resolution, well, then he's doubly right. Illustrator is not the proper tool for the job.


Submission + - CouchDB 1.0 Released ( 1

Bradley Holt writes: "CouchDB, an Apache project, is a free/open source RESTful JSON document (NoSQL) database with map reduce views and peer-based replication. Version 1.0 is 300% faster than the previous version and includes Microsoft Windows support, an authentication system, and flexible replicator options. ReadWriteEnterprise and InfoWorld cover the release. Couchio has a clever release announcement as well."

Comment Re:Who reads the manual? (Score 1) 457

If you bought a car on credit (Right, I know, everybody on Slashdot only pays cash for everything) and you read the "credit agreement" you'll see that it includes such gems as not being able to take your car to Canada, not being able to work on "non-user-servicable" parts (which is basically everything not in the "Users Manual" that tells you to take it a dealer to have the oil changed.) and that some of these terms extend for the "life of the product" and "do not expire with the terms of this agreement."

If you buy a new car from a dealer (even if you pay cash, or with an external bank loan) there's a whole list of forms and licenses you have to sign - some of which are equally bizarre. (Only dealer mechanics can work on the computer.)

I'm actually pretty sure that if they had thought of it, and they though the market would bear it they'd put in some way to collect royalties for transporting passengers.

Comment Re:I see the problem (Score 1) 981

I am sorry that I actually believe this due to the fact that I am an immigrant and never learned the entitlement mindset.

Or reading comprehension apparently. It wouldn't matter how smart and capable you were, since you couldn't afford the necessary genetic modifications, you'd be a peasant. The sort of genetic dystopia he's describing would create a permanent genetic underclass with no hope of upward social mobility. You'd be a perpetual Delta, but without the lovely soma. You're saying you believe in social mobility - he's telling you if Paris Hilton and all of her issue for all eternity could be guaranteed an IQ of 150, that such a thing simply would not exist.

Comment The ACTUAL Solution (Score 1) 403

Use Version Cue. You already have it. It comes with creative suite. If you don't have a server, and don't have the money for one, you can install it on the individual work stations, and it "looks" like you're working off of individual Macs - but what is ACTUALLY happening is copy down, copy back, but only the different bits (at least in CS3 and above.) It's ludicrously easy to administer, and it can hold a ton of (design) data before it starts to complain.

Comment Upgrade the data eh? (Score 1) 55

As somebody who has attempted to do this, that just isn't true. Doing a data upgrade from 5 to 6 was nearly impossible, because the Drupal data model is so open ended. It mixes standard, 'attributes as columns' with EAV data structures, and extensively serializes certain types of data.

It was easier to copy and paste it. So, I suppose technically, they didn't break my data, as they didn't actively delete it out the existing database.

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